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Background information

Zee-3 is an online publisher and distributor of video games and other digital products.

Our aim is to publish high quality, original video games, and offer an outlet for products which don't fit into the limited set of genres, themes and marketing profiles demanded by the hit-based mainstream video game industry.

Formed in 2005 by John Pickford and Ste Pickford, Zee-3's primary purpose is to publish and distribute the Pickford Brothers' new video games over the internet, and to license these games for other distribution channels, but we also plan to distibute selected video games, music and similar digital products by other artists.

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The Zee-3 logo is based primarily on trademarks of early 15th century printers & publishers, such as Johann Froben. We believe that the new freedoms and opportunities afforded to creators by the advent of digital publishing have much in common with the revolution caused by the invention of the printing press.

The cauceus, the twin, entwined serpents, the wings of hermes and the hand emerging from a cloud are all appropriate symbols for the third creative enterprise founded by two brothers, dedicated to the instant delivery and transmission of brand new products and information.

Zee-3 Logo Zee-3 Logo (mono) Hi-res bitmap logos; PNG files with transparency. Both colour and monochrome versions available.

Please include the following notice when using the Zee-3 logo:

Zee-3 and the Zee-3 logo are trademarks of Zee-3.