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Plok Volume 5 book launched

Press Release posted by Ste Pickford on Tue, 20 Nov 2018
Subject: Plok comic strip

Video game designers and comic creators The Pickford Bros have launched the fifth volume of the collected editions of their regular webcomic, Plok The Exploding Man, starring the hero of their cult-classic 1993 SNES game published by Nintendo.

The 60 page comic book is available as a trade paperback.

At the end of his Super Nintendo game Plok fell asleep in his comfy chair. All of his enemies were defeated, and all of his precious flags were back in place. Twenty years later he wakes up in a comic strip, not quite sure where he is, what year it is, or why he never got a sequel. Now Plok has been arrested and taken to System Z to stand trial for the crimes he committed against the 'enemies' in his game, but did her really do anything wrong?

Comic adaptations of video game characters are nothing new, but Plok is a little bit different. Firstly, Plok knows he's a video game character. Secondly, he's also aware that's he's now in a comic strip, and he isn't too happy about it. Thirdly, and perhaps uniquely, the Plok comic strip is created by the same people who made the Plok video game.

The Pickford Bros, veteran video game designers from the UK, revived their creation in the form of a web-based comic strip in 2014, and new episodes appear regularly on the Plok website.

Plok is joined in his adventures by an expanding cast of characters from other video games created by John and Ste.

This fifth collection - Volume 5: The Trial of Plok - contains episodes 102 to 126 of the comic strip, along with exclusive extras including seven beautifully illustrated character biographies, a brand new cover, and a nine page 'sketchbook' containing notes and layout sketches and pencils from each of the 25 strips, giving a detailed insight into the creative process and explaining some of the references and in-jokes.

"It's taken us a while to publish the fifth volume," said John Pickford, Plok writer, "as we've been busy with gamedev work, but it's worth the wait as the finished book is a beautiful book."

"The is the first volume where every episode was created all-digitally," explained Ste Pickford, Plok artist, "and you can really see the jump in quality of the art. Switching to an expanded page format also gave John space to experiment more with his scripts, with a wider variety of situations and gags. The comic is going from strength to strength, and we're looking forward to getting started on volume 6."


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