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The Pickford Bros


The Pickford Brothers Press Kit

Information, downloadable media, press releases, and any other useful Pickford Brothers materials

Background information

The Pickford Brothers are John Pickford and Ste Pickford, veteran video game developers from the UK who've been making original games for home computers and consoles since 1984.

They've worked on over 80 titles, released over 100 individual products, sold millions of video games, and worked with some of the biggest names in the business.

In 2004 John and Ste became 'indie developers' under the name The Pickford Brothers and formed Zee-3, their online publisher. The brothers currently develop orignal games for release as downloadable products through Zee-3, and for license on other platforms, as well as acting as design consultants for a number of established video game developers.

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Press Coverage

A comprehensive record of the brothers' press coverage is kept up to date on the Pickford Brothers website.

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Photos / Portraits

We really should add some more up-to-date images here. John and Ste both have skin-heads now!

SP / JP photo The photo of Ste and John from the front page of The Pickford Brothers' website (yes, Ste is the one on the left).





JP portraits 'Avatar style' portraits of John Pickford.



SP portraits 'Avatar style' portraits of Ste Pickford.




The character in the logo is Plok, who first appeared in the SNES game of the same name in 1992. Plok is used in the logo as it was the first game design and character the brothers ever managed to retain IP ownership of, even though they'd been designing and making games professionally for over a decade at that point.

Pickford Brothers Logo Friends of The Pickford Brothers Logo Bitmap logos, PNG files with transparency. Both colour and monochrome versions are available.

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