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Zee-3 Policies

How we treat your data, privacy and terms of use

User Account Privacy Policy

It is our policy to only identify registered users via their username and email address. We do not collect personal information; real names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers etc., from any of our users. Should we offer the mail order delivery of physical goods, any name or delivery address collected will not be stored in our database, and only kept on file until the goods are delivered, then destroyed.

Sensitive financial information such as your credit card number, which may be required by our sales partners, is not passed on to Zee-3.

Your email address will remain private and will not be visible to other Zee-3 users.

We log IP addresses for aggregate statistics and diagnosis.

We use cookies to allow users to remain logged in to this website between pages, and between sessions, not to track users' browsing habits.

We collect information related to users' useage of Zee-3's services, indexed by user account or IP address only, which is used to help improve our products and monitor the usage of our services.

We promise not to supply any information collected to any outside companies, other than the creators of the relevant products, and subsidiary or parent companies of Zee-3.

Website Terms and Conditions of Use

Users can upload data to Zee-3's servers either by posting comments on blog posts, posting on forums, using other interactive pages on this website, or through any of our games or other products with online features.

The use of these services, and the data uploaded, is regulated by the terms and conditions listed here (which may change from time to time), and we condisider that users have accepted these terms and conditions by uploading or posting any data to Zee-3's servers.

Our blogs, forums and in-game communication tools are there to let you discuss Zee-3 products and related matters with other Zee-3 users. We ask that you treat all other Zee-3 users in a respectful and curteous manner, and remember that some users may be minors.

You will agree not to post messages, or upload any other data:

  • containing insulting, abusive, sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, pornographic or potentially libelous or defamatory comments or images.
  • that in doing so infringes upon a trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret or other proprietary rights of any party, or which you do not have a right to make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships, such as for example, inside information, confidential or proprietary information gained or disclosed as a part of employment relationships, or under agreements of nondisclosure.
  • - which violates anyone else's personal privacy (including their email address) or which violates any law, or which contains commercial advertising or "spam".

You will acknowledge and accept that all content posted on this site and all data uploaded to our servers, including blog posts and comments, forum messages and user-generated game content, becomes the property of Zee-3, and you grant Zee-3 non-exclusive copyright, and any other IP rights, to store, copy, reproduce and distribute such data in any way we see fit.

You will not manipulate or forge headers or identifiers with the intention of disguising the origin of any content that you upload to our servers, or attempt to gain unauthorised access to Zee-3's servers or any other user's account, or attempt to damage or destroy any data on Zee-3's servers, or attempt to damage the operation of our servers in any way.

We reserve the right to remove posting rights, or server access for a particular product, on any account for breaches of these terms and conditions.

We reserver the right to suspend or permenantly ban any user account for deliberate, persistent or extreme breaches of these terms and conditions.

We reserver the right to delete or hide any comments, posts or other data uploaded to our server.

Updated: 22 April 2010