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About Zee-3

Who are we, what do we do, and why do we do it?

Zee-3 is an online publisher and distributor of video games and other digital products.

Formed in 2005 by John Pickford and Ste Pickford, Zee-3's primary purpose is to publish and distribute the Pickford Brothers' new video games via the internet, and to license these games for other distribution channels, but we also distibute selected video games, music and similar digital media products by other artists from time to time.

Based in the UK, we're a small 'virtual' business; we have no staff or offices, no bricks and mortar, just this website, managed by The Pickford Brothers.

How it works

Our first release - the PC game Naked War - was sold directly and exclusively through this website, as the game required a user account on here to access the servers around which the game was based.

We sell most products through other online stores and marketplaces who are better able than us to manage payment processing, refunds etc.

Here at Zee-3 we will provide product support, additional services (online play servers, high score tables, etc.), and the opportunity for a dialogue with the developers / artists behind the products.

Why we're here

Zee-3 was formed to take advantage of the ability for aritsts to distribute their own digital products directly from the creators to the consumers - allowing us to create new, interesting video games and comics and sell them directly to our fans, without being mediated by industry gatekeepers.

We want to provide an outlet for smaller, quirkier, fun and innovative video games and other products, and a provide conduit for dialogue between game developers and their audience.