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Pickfordbros Workshop


Welcome to the Pickford Bros Workshop

We've built ourselves this little corner of the Zee-3 website in order to show off some of the demos, prototypes and ideas we're currently working on, or which we've either abandoned or had to put on hold to work on other projects.

We thought it might be fun as some of these demos are quite fun in themselves, and others help to illustrate the evolution of the ideas that eventually make it into our finished games.

Basically these are ideas that haven't quite made it to full 'project' status yet, or perhaps never will.

Sometimes we return to a game mechanic idea several times before we feel we've got it right. This might be in the form of prototypes and demos (we developed Sticky Balls, De-Flower and Blueprint before we started on Magnetic Billiards), or in the form of finished games exploring the same concepts (Wetrix, Taz Express and Future Tactics all featured a dynamic deformable landscape system, which we developed further with Naked War).

We almost never re-use code or 'technology' when returning to a game mechanic we are intrigued by. Half of the research and experimentation is in re-writing the code after understanding what worked and what didn't work in the last implementation, and half of the ideas come from seeing what happens and what is possible when we start playing about with a re-coded demo.

Sometimes we get a bit frustrated by how long it takes to make a video game. Even when we aim for months it usually ends up taking us years. To break things up a bit we occassionally make daft little weekend demos based around a completely different concept to the main game we're working on. They're not always ideas we'd want to make into full games, but they are often interesting little experiments.

We thought it might be fun to share some of those with you too.