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Volume 5 - The Trial of Plok

Plok comic strip episodes #102 to #126

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Volume 5 begain in 2016 and marked a shift to a longer 6-panel-per-page format, and a switch to all-digital art production. Pencils and inks were now done in Clip Studio, whereas previously they'd been done on paper. Colouring and lettering continued to be done in Photoshop.


In Volume 5 Plok stands trial in System-Z for the crimes committed against the Skree Queen and her brood in the SNES game. What will the verdict be, and if guilty, what will be Plok's punishment?

Rockyfella is on hand to serve as Plok's defence attorney, and Wubba is on hand via VR to chip in with, well, helpful advice? The Jury are also VR powered, which seems fishy...

Meanwhile, Plok's Grandpappy perhaps wasn't as long lost as we presumed, and along with an upgraded Xbone, returns in robotic form to come to Plok's aid. Kinda. With a few stops for resources along the way.

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The Volume 5 comic book is still in development, and will be released soon.

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Plok is a self-proclaimed video game super-star created by The Pickford Bros.

First seen in the classic SNES platformer Plok!, he has now been reborn here in comic strip form.

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A comic by The Pickford Bros

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