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Plok The Exploding Man

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Volume 5 - The Trial of Plok

A witness for the prosecution

The fifth Plok comic strip edition collects episodes 102 to 126 of the webcomic and includes many exclusive extras.

It is available in paperback.

Plok Volume 5: The Trial of Plok cover

Book Details

This 60 page volume collects together episodes 102 to 126 of the Plok comic strip in the expanded 6-panel-per-page format, along with seven beautifully illustrated and updated character biographies and a brand new cover drawn exclusively for this book.

Also included is a 'story so far' recap of volumes 1-4, and a nine page 'sketchbook', containing notes and pencils from each of the 25 strips, giving a detailed insight into the background and creative process involved in the creation of the comic strip.

Expand your collection of Plok comics with Volume 5 today!

Plok Volume 5: The Trial of Plok paperback version


The trade paperback version of the book is 7 x 10 inches, squarebound with a glossy cover.

It is available for mail order from most Amazon stores around the world.

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Plok is a self-proclaimed video game super-star created by The Pickford Bros.

First seen in the classic SNES platformer Plok!, he has now been reborn here in comic strip form.

Plok Vol 2 now available on Kindle, iBooks and in print

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A comic by The Pickford Bros

The Pickford Bros