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Vol: 6

Mon, 02 Dec 2019

#133 Running Out Of Steam?

Rocky is consoled by his co-conspirators.

#133 Running Out Of Steam?

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Main Series: Vol 6

#133 Running Out Of Steam?

Rocky is consoled by his co-conspirators.

Mon, 02 Dec 2019

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Why wasn't Plok ever re-released? If it was released then it probably wouldn't be so obscure, a save feature would probably be added and would make it a success.


Wasn't Rockyfelly supposed to be the spirit of the ground of Acrylic?


This was so out of left field... I love it!


I thought Rocky would maybe get paired with the elementals from Ironsword, especially since he looks a lot like the wind one, but well, there's also an earth one, so it would be silly, but well, this one Rock, Paper and Scissors concept is also good!, I laughed a lot at this!



Must be tough hanging out with someone who likes cutting deep.



This strip seems like the introduction to a sitcom - anyway great idea to add background to Rockyfella's character! (really unexpected and I was initially afraid when I saw the initial human-like designs in your Patreon posts).

However I believe having the two new characters with red eyes like Rockyfella would add to the fact, that those three characters are linked to each other. Also it would be cool if Paper Fin's facial expression could only change by removing the upper most sheet from the paper stack off of him (of course the amount of sheets would be unlimited)


Ste Pickford

You might be right about the eyes. Paper Fin's facial expressions work exactly as you describe. Supporters of the Patreon will have seen the character design sketches showing exactly this.





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