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Vol: 6

Tue, 01 Oct 2019

#132 Under Wraps

Secretive Pen is mightier than the Bobbins.

#132 Under Wraps

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Main Series: Vol 6

#132 Under Wraps

Secretive Pen is mightier than the Bobbins.

Tue, 01 Oct 2019

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Finally, some more Plokians or whatever they're called!This is getting good!,I'm happy shaking right now!good luck Pen and good luck Wubba!



Tsk. Palette swaps already. I thought this technology was supposed to be getting better.


Ste Pickford

It's a palette swap with a gradient! That's hi-tech.


Plokette could be an alternate costume in smash


I like this new plokette! I think she has potential, I'm just worried she'll end up as Plok's girlfriend, in all honesty. To me, Plok seems like the kind of guy who would rather kiss his own reflection than a girl. But still, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!


Upon rereading the last few pages, I remembered this is his cousin. My bad!


Ste. Pickford, would you mind if I make a fan conversion of Plok to the Genesis?


Ste Pickford

That's not something we could give our blessing to at the moment. We're working on a new game that would star Plok, so we're not keen on fan-made games outside of our control, also starring Plok, being made. We had a more relaxed attitude to this in the past when we weren't planning to make a new Plok game.

If you're serious about making a Genesis game, why not make something new, that you own yourself and can do whatever you want with?


Okay Ste. Picford, I will not do that, but it would be nice if you could re-release Plok 1 on steam to get people's attention instead of the game and the franchise remaining in obscurity. You could bundle the original game with the Plok game that you are working on.

I am actually working on a game that is also a 2D platformer starring a little girl named Gaby.


Also, how old is Plok? There is a scene with Plok and his grandfather which his grandfather was alive 50 years before the events of Plok and he was old 50 years ago, and because this comic series is 20 years after the events of Plok, that would make him over 70 in these events. Also, what is Plok, I know his design is based of a medieval hangman but what is he?


Ste Pickford

Best of luck with your Gaby game!


Who is composing for the music for the upcoming Plok game (Plok 2?)? I wish you could get the ol' Follin Bros. to do it.


Ste Pickford

Nobody yet.


I could compose for you but I haven’t really composed for anyone yet. I prefer using old and making it sound like something else which I use the application called Deflemask which supports the C64, NES, Sega Master System, Turbografix-16 / PC-Engine, Sega Arcade, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy.


Ste Pickford

Thanks for the offer. We're not at the stage of looking for music yet.


I shall be waiting. I hope your game goes well. Try to find a way to make it an instant hit.


That's good news Pickford Bros. I am very excited for this new Plok game you are making. I wish you both good luck. Keep us updated on it release date causes I'll buy it as soon as it release. I hope Pen is in it too. I really love her character (don't worry Plok, I still like you too).

Also, I'm writing a chapter in Fanfiction based on my experience with playing Plok. It's about me a normal girl with a team of heroes going to different video games' worlds. I am trying to remember how I played the Plok game. Maybe I should replay it (I still got my old Plok Super Nintendo game).


Ste Pickford

Cool! Best of luck with your writing.


Hey there, I finished my Plok fanfiction about a week ago. I posted it a few days ago now but didn't have time to tell you all due to christmas visit from my cousins (an early visit).

If any of you are interested, it's in the Fanfiction website under the story 'My Adventures' and the name of the chapter is 'Fleas Attack'.

I would like to say thank you to the Pickford Brothers.



"Finally, some more Plokians or whatever they're called!"

I... I've been calling them newts... I'm kinda starting to rethink this...


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