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Vol: 5

Fri, 30 Jun 2017

#122 Under Pressure

Here comes Robo-Grandpappy to save the day...

#122 Under Pressure

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Main Series: Vol 5

#122 Under Pressure

Here comes Robo-Grandpappy to save the day...

Fri, 30 Jun 2017

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Volume 4:
Destination Z

Volume 5:
The Trial of Plok

Volume 6:
Plok's Odyssey



Too late...?



Huh. I get the "instance" joke... but not the one that follows it.

(But don't explain it immediately. Give it a week or so!)


Did going through the "black hole" throw Grandpappy into some parallel reality (non-congruent with the reality where Plok and everyone else are)? And is he getting mad at Murray Gell-Mann?



never truly left the no man's sky refrence, even traveling the far.


Grandpappy will simply get himself arrested.


There's only an estimated ~4.25 episodes left until the end of Volume 5.



An episode is an episode. You can't say it's only a quarter.


First Star Fox 2 gets an official release, now Rayman has a lost SNES game made public. Perhaps it's finally time to release Fleapit in some form?


Ste Pickford

Hah, as if we still had the code!


Maybe a re-creation then? Assuming parts of Fleapit weren't recreated in Plok.


Ste Pickford

The best bits probably came into Plok, and much of the rest (as far as I can recall) might be a bit dated now. I think something new would be more interesting.


Colonel Llama

I'm pretty sure you could also do it if you had the original board and a little help from the mame team. The problem is, we don't even know if the board itself still exist.


I've never played Plok, but his design and the comic have made me fall in love with the character (I do own Wetrix Plus for the Dreamcast, so much fun!)


Ste Pickford



If you guys ever do a new Plok game, can you include time trials, with the strictest time limit?

I think that Crash Bandicoot 1's time trials in the N. Sane Trilogy isn't strict enough (and the original, nor 2, had those to begin with).



There's a way to work it out. Take the first letter of the title of each episode...







"...tion"? So it's four (or maybe five if there's a question/exclamation mark at the end) episodes left in this volume?

By the way, nice easter egg - nobody ever noticed this at all?


I didn't notice it all this time until these last two posts and when I browsed through each comic verifying for myself the first title of each episode with each volume forming up a sentence. Very, very clever of the Pickfords to do that.




Looking at the titles of the volumes, their first letters appear to follow an alphabetic order (just like the first letters of the episodes in the first volume). I thought the fifth episode would simply (and mundanely) be called "Trial" or somesuch, but now if its title is expected to start with the letter 'e', it's going to be interesting what it'll be.



Oh, I also didn't notice that! what a nice easter egg!






Also it looks like Plok has paws or something in the second panel


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