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Vol: 5

Thu, 18 May 2017

#121 Crushed

Rockyfella mounts a mean defence!

#121 Crushed

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Main Series: Vol 5

#121 Crushed

Rockyfella mounts a mean defence!

Thu, 18 May 2017

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The Trial of Plok

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Couldn't even be bothered to fake a confession. For shame, Counsellor.


Great save, Rockyfella!



I do have to wonder how anyone could sneak something by Rocky.



Ya know, technically, Lt. Xenk is still just answering the original question of "Would you agree this is a rather large object?" But I guess it's kind of irrelevant at this point. Heh heh.

Also, @Cheez, you'd be hard-pressed to sneak something by someone who essentially IS THE GROUND.


It still looks like one of the Bobbins Brothers isn't a bad guy.

The green one, Irving i guess.

He never said anything bad about Plok, he's always thinking and doesn't agree with stuff that Milton and Marshall say.


That's because, for whatever reason, Irving wasn't there when Plok invaded Cotton Island.



He'd previously split from the group before that point.


If I ever get framed for things that I didn't do, I want Rockyfella there to help defend me from the fake evidences.

Great work Rockyfella! It's a good thing you're on Plok side.


It was just a block of wood...

What a Plok-twist!

But wait, there is more! Lt.Xenk is just a piece of wood too!

Tune in next time to see the return of Ploks long lost brother, Gloploks!


Hey, is the "How I Did It" book a Young Frankenstein reference?



Haha, wow, that totally slipped my mind, but now that you mention that... clever play, Pickfords, clever play


Hey Plok, here's something that'll make you explode in rage, Bubsy is getting a new game! He wrecked your career and he's trying again


*looks it up* NO! After over two decades the world is being treated to a fifth Bubsy video game? ...hwaaa? =|


I have really bad news for you guys

www youtube com/watch?v=SCA3j59IrfQ


*grabs popcorn*

this oughta be good.


Wow, they actually reused the old snes music for that Bubsy trailer instead of remixing it. (Not that snes music is bad of course) Will you guys be able to use the existing Plok snes soundtrack in any way if a Plok 2 ever happens?


Ste Pickford

I think we would.


So Blubsy the Blobcat gets a new game after all these years, even though his games weren't that good (and they still aren't good. I still can't finish the first one and the 3D one).

Plok, I think it's high time you show everybody what a fun platformer is. It's your time to shine. Once you reach your goal, it will be time to remake the classic snes game and make a new sequel.

Also, keep up the great work with this comic, it's getting better and better!



That new Bubsy game is made by the same developer which made "Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams" and it shows - it looks *exactly* like that game with a character swap.

So I'm pretty indifferent that Plok's commercial nemesis gets another shot when that character's brand isn't even valuable enough to appear in an original looking game. At least Plok disappeared from the video game market with grace, a word which is absent from Bubsy's vocabulary because it can't be pronounced with 'fur' or 'purr'.


The first Bubsy would have been better remembered if it didn't have one hitpoint, and a ripoff Sonic's speed.

But thanks to Bubsy, and other copycats that tried to be "cool", like a rodent who can throw his hair and pick stuff up with it, a duck with an electric plug in his butt, a literal acrobat who fights against a kamikaze squirrel and an evil clown, a skateboarding dinosaur, a squirrel (that looks like a more famous alcoholic one) that had the most cutesy innocent game with hellish difficulty, the worst environmental message ever from a possum, another possum that flies with a jetpack, and this... thing that is perfect for giving people nausea

https://www youtube com/watch?v=oxF-q7-HXKY

People kinda skipped on Plok due to the "mascot with a 'tude" overload. Sure, some of them are actually pretty cool games if you throw out the Sonic copycat thing, but Bubsy more or less killed it. But then again, the most popular platforming mascot after Sonic and Mario came several years later, and was a blatant Plok clone (albeit, a good Plok clone).


So now that Scorpio's name has been officially revealed, does this make the Xbone inside Robo-Grandpappy Xbone X now?


Ste Pickford

Something happened to the unit inside Robo-Granpappy when they went through the black hole. It's kind of flipped, with a Z badge instead of an X.



@NameThatNobodyTakes Whoa-whoa-whoa... Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a GOOD game! The new Bubsy looks like mediocre backwash from someone who clearly did not know how to handle the license. How did they go from the awesomeness of Twisted Dreams to THAT hot mess?



That's hardly a fair assessment, when we hardly got any footage of it and what little we were able to see already fixed several mistakes the original Bubsy games faced.



@Joseph Collins: I didn't imply that Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams was a bad game. I actually think it's pretty good. Too bad that I can't beat that last boss, which is so impossibly/unfairly hard that I gave up trying after failing for the umpteenth time (note I can beat Plok without cheating, so I doubt the fault lies with my gaming skills).

However the quality of the above game doesn't change the fact that the developer is now making "Bubsy: Twisted Dreams" - the Giana game was kinda fast-paced but Bubsy's movement in this new game seems slow as hell. The overall mechanics seem solid from that short trailer, I give it that, but that's not surprising because they're just re-using a good engine.


Don't we want Bubsy to be slower than he was in the SNES games?


Wow, the comment font size increased (and the zoom option is at 100%)! It used to be normal-sized but now it's relatively huge in and out of comparison.


We really need Plok either for VC or Switch, cause Blubsy: The Woolies Strike Back is a thing now...


The Switch still doesn't have a Virtual Console yet.


Have been hopin' for another episode this Friday, been diddled again though. The "weekly-ish" slogan has been a running joke for quite some time now, hasn't it.


Ste Pickford

Hi Guest Guest, sorry for the delay. The next episode is written and drawn and lettered, but just not coloured in yet. Yeah, the weekly thing is getting very stretched at the moment!


No worries, my comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek (in case you didn't notice, heh). While a new episode each week would surely be welcomed by the readers, I understand that working on the comic is not your main occupation, and the more elaborate format adopted since last year is more time-consuming than the early years.


SNES Classic is announced, with Star Fox 2.

If the SNES Classic can be released with a game that never released to begin with, why not simply put Plok on that? It was a wasted opportunity, especially since you own the rights to everything (and would increase readership of this comic).


Ste Pickford

Not really up to us to just put Plok on it.


Colonel Llama

Soon enough the thing will be hacked and we'll see Plok on every single one of them.


Ste Pickford



>SNES Classic is announced, with Star Fox 2.

Star Fox *2*? But the beta versions that were leaked were restored to a fully playable state by ROM hackers. Are they just gonna grab that and put it on the SNES Classic just like that?



According to Rocky, Plok can't read or write. I'm pretty sure he can, but he seems to be like Spongebob: Not extremely dumb, but well below average. He has his moments, though...


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