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Vol: 5

Mon, 10 Apr 2017

#119 Sentenced to Zob

Righting a thirty-year-old wrong.

#119 Sentenced to Zob

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Main Series: Vol 5

#119 Sentenced to Zob

Righting a thirty-year-old wrong.

Mon, 10 Apr 2017

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well he definitely wasn't zubbed at least


Did the site undergo some renovations since yesterday? The comment text seems bigger, and all the comments from the last issue were erased completely.


Ste Pickford

I might have tweaked some of the text sizes a week or two ago, and sometimes they don't appear straight away due to CSS files being cached. Comments from the previous episode haven't been erased though.


Poor Boba Fett wannabe



For those who don't get the joke. Our game ZUB had cover artwork which made no sense at all. This episode fixes that. 31 years later.



I thought Plok wanted to take on the Switch?



He switched to a more pressing issue


Jo Li

What are Plok and Rocky so worried about? That wasn't exactly a typical trial and Pseudo-Zub was packing heat besides!

That, by the way, is an awesome reference. You guys never fail to deliver!


I feel somehow responsible for this execution...

I shudder to think what you'll do to Japanese boxart Plok!

(In all seriousness this was hilarious. But I'm curious what "L. Z." could mean.)



Are you the original artist trance?

L.Z = Lazy


I was just a newborn (if that) when Zub was published, so no. I just asked if the cassette inlay would be referenced back in #114.

In my defence, I was thrown of the trail by the "zed" pronunciation of the letter Z (well played).



YAY You finally did it! You finally made fun of the bad box art of Zub. I can sleep well tonight...Also it took me 4 days to even check if there was a new comic.


Jo Li

Wait. "L.Z. Nokov?" … I just got that. Well played, Pickfords, well played.


>Comments from the previous episode haven't been erased though.

Still, they don't display, the comment list is just empty. Maybe the proximity to the "black hole" context didn't serve them well in the long run.


The SNES classic is becoming a reality.




damn it



*cough* *cough* D-don't... don't inhale the death wasp fumes... *dies*


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