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Vol: 5

Fri, 30 Sep 2016

#113 Takeoff?

Grandpappy's robot emerges from inside his statue!

#113 Takeoff?

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Main Series: Vol 5

#113 Takeoff?

Grandpappy's robot emerges from inside his statue!

Fri, 30 Sep 2016

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Man, Grandpappy Prime 2: Echoes sure looks good.


I think its No Man's Sky that is being parodied.


Also, I guess Xbone is finally getting ready to evolve into Scorpio.


"We are Xbone. We are Grandpappy. The barriers between us have fallen and we have become -- our own shadows. We can be more if we join... with you." -Probably Metal Grandpappy to Plok


You're right, that is No Man's Sky! I knew it was a specific game being parodied but I couldn't place it. I never played after I heard all the first impressions.


If I ever find a Plok Monster in No Man's Sky(which likely doesn't exist), I will send you the information on it so you can sue Hello Games out of existence for unintentional copyright infringement.

Failing that, I will boot up Spore (remember that?) for the first time in 8 years, and find some copyright-infringing Plok monster instead.



We're both fans of No Mans Sky. They can put Plok Monsters in their with our blessing.



There. Doh,



Slightly disappointed this week in that I didn't predict Nathan's criticism.


Well, Nathan is slightly lacking in criticism this time. He didn't say anything about how you can't scan specifically for plutonium! (he might say that..)



Everyone has an 'off' week.



I got a criticism for you.

Grandpappy is an idiot for playing No Man's Sky. It'll just crash on him every few minutes.

Why isn't he playing a more stable game?



It's pretty solid now. Haven't had a crash since a couple of patches ago.


If you ever make a new Plok-Game, you should put Nathan in it as an Endboss :D



I honestly thought this was a reference to Star Control II or Solar Jetman, until I read the comments. Kind of forgot about No Man's Sky entirely, despite being my kinda game.


That was a bit too harsh, wasn't it? You could have gently remove it instead of tearing it off.

I like the robot but Grandpappy's head inside the robot still freak me out.

Also, what is Grandpappy going to do when he gets to the planet to save Plok? Will he get thrown into jail for the trouble that he accidentally causes? If so, will Plok rescue him from jail? (stupid question, of course Plok will save his Grandpappy)



Will the UK ASA investigate Grandpappy for faults advertisement?...wait...I think I know what the trials going to be like when grandpappy gets there now.

What's your guys thoughts on that anyway? I really don't care about the game never played it and just though it look 'eh' from announcement, it definitely tried to be to ambitious but thats how you sell games and why we insult Peter Molyneux.


Ste Pickford

I think the ASA investigation is being a bit overblown by the media. The ASA investigates anything if there are complaints, and there have been a few complaints, so they're obliged to investigate. It's only really news when they make a ruling.



The media will overblow anything they can, why are we suprised at this? I doubt anything happen even then.


What happened to Grandpappy Plok's original body? Did it got stolen by the Bobbins then buried... like an amulet?



it got diddled again


I DEMAND that you make a new Plok game for the Nintendo Switch.



Ste Pickford

When we've sold 1 million books, we'll make one.


Really? Ever thought of selling the Plok e-comics on Google Play and the App Store too?


Ste Pickford

They're on the iBooks store and Kindle store. They're not apps so not sure how we'd sell them on an app store.



You're making excuses.

Tell you what. Spam Plok on 4chan or Reddit or something and make it a meme. Instant million seller for the physical comic book.



an easy way to make plok a meme is to just put him in a youtube video about the nutshack

"the nutshack theme but each nutshack is replaced with a TAS of Plok! for SNES"


Or maybe make a music video about Plok, kind of like the Mimikyu one.


Colonel Llama

Or this.




or not that.


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