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Vol: 5

Mon, 22 Aug 2016

#111 Opening Statements

Plok's trial begins!

#111 Opening Statements

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Main Series: Vol 5

#111 Opening Statements

Plok's trial begins!

Mon, 22 Aug 2016

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Destination Z

Volume 5:
The Trial of Plok

Volume 6:
Plok's Odyssey



Oh, snap, Grandpappy's being villainized by his own grandson (who's giving a thumbs up to Rockyfella in the third panel for approval)! He won't like that AT ALL!



Were the mouths of the Bobbins always meant to look this wet? Anyway I like how the arm of the center Bobbins Brother is cut off because it is out of the viewing pane of the center camera but the rest of the arm is in the pane of the left camera - nice detail.


Ste Pickford

Thanks! Glad somebody notices things like that :)


Looks like Irving isn't so sure about all of this. In the end, Plok never fought him.


It would have been funny if Irving was the one blurting "Guilty!" so the other two could make a "Shut up, Irving" reference


Where did Wubba go?



See, this is why Irving disappeared after being given what-for by Grandpappy. The differences between him and his brothers are not just creative!



Unless "creative" means "plok bashing"


>I will present incontrovertible evidence (...)

The evidence before the court is incontrovertible, there's no need for the jury to retire...!!


I have an idea of getting rid of those spambots.

Make "nike" a banned word. I am pretty sure that in no other contexts, that shoe brand will ever be brought up here.



I don't know if they can do that and I don't know if it's a good idea either. The only thing allowing spambots in is how freely you're able to post without proving you actually exist.


What if I don't exist?

What if I am a figment of your imagination?


I'm picturing red Bobbins Brother proclaiming "guilty!" a la Mark Hamill's Joker. I mean, why not, it would suit him perfectly!


plok 2 sequel


I finished reading the comic so far today and crap, it's fantansic! I have a feeling that grandpappy's going to show up to court with another copy of plok's book and complain it's not accurate, incriminating himself.

I heard a cry for a plok 2 sequel? It should be on the GBA....*gets shot*


Ste Pickford

Thanks DeeMan. Great idea about Grandpappy complaining about how he's represented in the comic.


So, what is a trial without the other enemies, like the Penkinos, or that Spider thing? Plok was a jerk to try to murder them for no real reason.

Also, why didn't the Bobbins notice, or care about Rockyfella switching sides?


The character bio says that Rocky was "wild" and just attacked Plok throughout the game for no reason and is now "tame" in this comic. He probably wasn't on anyone's side and fighting Plok was based on instinct if the bios are still accurate, though Plok said something about him secretly being on the Flea's side in one of the issues.



The original SNES game stated something along the lines of Rockyfella not being terribly fond of Plok's many flagpoles. Regardless of what the "canon" reason is at this point, he's had some time to get over it, considering the same statement seemed to imply Plok had only just recently set them all over the place. I guess I'd be mad too if I was the living embodiment of the ground you walked on and I had a bunch of things jabbed into me all over.


That's right your honor, Plok was only protecting his home. Those fleas were trespassing on his property. And he had no idea about the flea queen being lured to his planet. It was all an accident.

I don't like how they blamed Plok's grandpappy but he did cause this mess in the first place.

Also, what's up with that smile Rockyfella? I know you want to look innocent but to me, that smile looks sinister.


It seems nobody got that Pink Floyd reference I had made earlier. Oh well, what did I expect, people recognizing lyrics from an album almost four decades old? Whatever.


Quickly! Interplay is selling their properties!

globenewswire d-0-t c0m/news-release/2016/09/07/870242/10165014/en/Interplay-Announces-Sale-of-Significant-IP-Portfolio-Wedbush-Securities-as-Strategic-Advisor.html

I don't care that you guys never became billionaires from the best third (second?) party SNES game of all time! I want you guys to buy one of these franchises, and weasel them into the Plok comic!

And you can totally make a new game, and shamelessly advertise selling the comic book there!


Ste Pickford

Do you think they'll accept Midget Gems as payment?



Plok! You let Rockyfella demonize your own grandpappy????? How could you????


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