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Vol: 5

Fri, 12 Aug 2016

#110 Fortitude

Plok puts his foot down while a relative awakens.

#110 Fortitude

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Main Series: Vol 5

#110 Fortitude

Plok puts his foot down while a relative awakens.

Fri, 12 Aug 2016

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GrandPappy :)



So Grandpappy is a transhumanist? This strip is really starting to get creepy now...

Who is making these XBone-like sounding statements in the last panel? I'm asking because they have a blue background instead of the usual green. Does this mean that Grandpappy shares his new life with the robot he inhabits?



Xbone has crashed



Necromancy!! Aiieeeā€¦!!


Creeeeeeeepyyyyyyy ={

The last panel, I mean.

Also, hang on: does that mean Grandpappy was monochrome this whole time and did not become red like Plok did when the world became colorful? It's *not* just during the flashback sequence that he was colorless? How is what's happening even...? What is even going on right now...? Did he plan this ahead of time...? Wha...?

"It just raises too many questions" - Batman Forever movie quote


Also, I love how Grandpappy's disturbingly disembodied head is attached by nodes that share Super Mario World's recurring color theme and the Super Famicontroller's button colors (red, blue, green, yellow). Intentional or coincidence, I like that detail. =)



Yeah Grandpappy dressed in shades of grey. He changed the family colours as a lure to attract the Flea Queen. Hence getting Plok into all this trouble.

He mistakenly thought the Flea Queen was some sort of valuable cargo.



Check out episode 92


Grandpappy is back! oooh snap!


Well,... at least Grandpappy got Plok in trouble for innocent reasons... sort of

I wonder how Plok will react when he sees robotic sci-fi Grandpappy?


It'll probably take at least five issues for him to arrive at the trial.


Looks more like Dr. Robotnik to me


... Holy crap, he does with that 'stache of his! =0


Also, thank you for using the name "Robotnik" and not "Eggman", the latter's been so annoyingly overused.



@jco - Trial begins next ep.


Oh my gosh! Grandpappy have been a sleep all those years inside the statue?!?! Oh my gosh!

Also, it's not his fault that he mistaking that cargo for treasures and not the flea queen. He didn't know. Though he should have done more research before he do anything.


Not enough resources to rely on then, I surmise.



I think you're being a bit kind to Grandpappy WJC. He deliberately lured what he thought was a cargo/treasure ship and caused it to crash.


I meant five issues for Grandpappy to arrive there.



Ah, sorry. I misread it.



"I'm innocent. Kinda"




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