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Vol: 5

Fri, 24 Jun 2016

#109 Subterranean Homesick Blues

Plok meets a dodgy used vehicle salesman.

#109 Subterranean Homesick Blues

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Main Series: Vol 5

#109 Subterranean Homesick Blues

Plok meets a dodgy used vehicle salesman.

Fri, 24 Jun 2016

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Wow, Plok was going to start a Traveller RPG game but saw the dangers much quicker than most players. Also R4 has justreminded me of the R4 cards you could get for DS and such (which I used one to run old emulators on my ds, worked quite well) And hey looks like Ploks done some good reading while stuck on an alien world.


Weird rockyfella stairs. I didn't know he was a shapeshifter. Is that ship a new vehicle for the next plok game?



Wait, this is OUR fault? Blast! I knew I should have purchased a dozen copies of each Plok volume.

(Or, ya know... even ONE.)


Why doesn't Rockyfella simply morph himself to force the courthouse to get caved in underground?



Rocky's shape-shifting abilities could possibly be used for some interesting gameplay mechanics. I like that the stairs are drawn in perspective like they were in the game.

What is the extent of Rocky's powers anyway? Couldn't he just build a huge space bridge to Polyesta? If Rocky was able of getting to the Zob planet overcoming the space between both planets, shouldn't he theoretically have the capability of creating a underground tunnel to Polyesta to get Plok back?


What's with the very thick contour, especially in panel #5? Looks kindla like "Paper Plok".


The thick lines are there to separate the characters from the background.


Ste Pickford

I'm still getting to grips with exactly how to draw the comic, since I switched to all digital inking about 8 episodes ago. I'm still not quite happy with the brush thickness choices. The art is evolving a little each episode, and hopefully improving, but I've not got it quite right yet.



Rocky can manifest anywhere there is solid rock. He can form that rock into any shape (himself). So he can appear on another planet without any need to 'travel' as such. He couldn't travel on a spaceship unless there was a massive hunk of rock.

He doesn't conjour matter out of nothing so a bridge between planets wouldn't be viable.

It would be interesting to play with his abilities in a game.



So Rockyfella is the god of rock?



I wonder if Plok's flag book is just several pages with his flags in them.



Arthur Daley the dodgy geezer from the Minder tv show?

Haha, you guys!



Classy writing guaranteed.


This sure is an exciting conversation we are having here



Sorry Nathan we all appear to be waiting patiently (or maybe waiting longer) for the next strip so there's not odd conversations based on what we can port Plok to or some other odd but interesting topic.


Oh Plok, I know it doesn't look safe but you are caught between a rock and a hard place. If you stay for the trial, you will lose (they already set the trial up for you to lose). If you decide to take the spaceship, you might escape...that's a big might (because I don't like the condition of the spaceship, looks like it will break down any minute now). If you are taking the spaceship then I wish you the best of luck (because you are going to need it).


So I guess Plok will end up using a device that works like Pokémon GO to help him find something else to escape the planet, only to end up going somewhere he shouldn't, getting robbed, and seeing things he can't un-see.


Funny as always. Keep up the great work.


h ttp://bogleech.tumblr.c om/post/147823510433/this-design-is-all-over-spreadshirt-with-zero

Hey, spreadshirt ripped off plok!


Ste Pickford



I'm afraid that the Plok comic project may be falling victim to its own (over?)ambition. Many (if not most, possibly) people following it probably preferred a weekly-ish four-panel strip (kept fairly simple, not over-engineered with detail and not too text-heavy) over the the "new format" six-panel strip being published only monthly-ish, and may have lost interest somewhere along the road. I don't mean this to sound harsh by any means, it's just my two cents/pennies/whatever on the matter.


Ste Pickford

Aye, it's certainly become a bit harder to find the time lately, although that's not just down to the format. And I appreciate that a regular schedule would be much more preferable - for everyone!



Isn't there a possibility of hiring someone who helps you out in drawing? Or would that be too expensive for you guys? It seems the scripts can be written pretty fast and that the drawing is the bottleneck here. But don't get me wrong I really like how much care goes into the drawing and I guess we need to live with it if we don't want any reduction in quality.

Or maybe another suggestion: Why not model all those figures as 3D meshes, then you would just need to apply cellshading over the scene and perhaps do some fine-tuning afterwards with drawing? Keep in mind though that I'm totally ignorant about art creation and have no idea if that would be any faster...


Ste Pickford

Haha, nope, there's no chance of hiring anyone! Next episode is drawn though, so should be out at the end of the week.



Plok doesn't like broken space capsules


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