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Vol: 5

Sat, 30 Apr 2016

#107 Evidence

Say hello to Lt. Xenk, System Z's finest!

#107 Evidence

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Main Series: Vol 5

#107 Evidence

Say hello to Lt. Xenk, System Z's finest!

Sat, 30 Apr 2016

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The Trial of Plok

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Ya know, the fact that Lt. Xenk has stereotypical "corrupt, podunk sheriff" sunglasses on under his helmet is freaking awesome. And a nice touch, I might add!



I wonder what the contents of the book are. How he managed to lose his flag so much? How he got diddled again? How he ruthlessly murdered a bunch of gunk-loving bugs? How he slept through the better part of two decades and still managed to maintain good physical condition?


A random reference to the "If I Did It" book by OJ Simpson?



He forgot to grab the planted evidence known as the sequel, "How I Diddled Them All".

Also, surprise XBone!



@Nathan I thought the exact same thing.


I'm imagining Xenk having a Duke Nukem voice since he bears a slight resemblance to him.



Have you guys considered getting a PLOKAPTCHA for your comment system so we stop getting football and debt consolidation spam?


Ste Pickford

Debt consolidation is fun!


So I guess the Bobbins are still mad at Plok for defeating them. What did Xenk pay them with anyway, those shell things found all over Poly-Esta?



But the football adverts are kinda fun when you can make fun of them. Darn it though, I missed out on debt consolidation, could have been nice jokes to be had there.



I don't think they're real sunglasses, I think they're just a HUD option Xenk has installed into his helmet. Failing light reflection is just really lucky for him.


VR Sunglasses.


There's been 10 new episodes in the last 30 weeks or so. That seems to render the "weekly-ish" slogan kinda obsolete.



"Weekly-ish" Can mean anywhere between a week and 2452 Weeks. "Weekly-ish" is not a real measurement of time


Um... ok. But why, of all things, 2452 in particular?


Seems more like monthly-ish now.


I'm really loving these series, hope it continues :)


Ste Pickford

Thanks Noah. It definitely will!


Another Friday raising hopes for a new episode, aaaaand... I've been diddled again.


RIP Plok.


Brad Silvia

Another day goes by and still no sign of a re-release of Plok on digital platforms.



Akrillic wasn't built in a day, guys.



New episode imminent.








I thought he immediately went to sleep after he defeated the flea queen.


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