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Vol: 5

Fri, 25 Mar 2016

#105 Trippin'

Wubba's acting all weird for some reason.

#105 Trippin'

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Main Series: Vol 5

#105 Trippin'

Wubba's acting all weird for some reason.

Fri, 25 Mar 2016

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The Zobulus Rift! Very good ridicule of the limitation of VR, guys. Bravo!

What ever happened to XBone?



He'll be back.



Whoa! New comic Fridays are good Fridays.

Maybe Xbone is ready to pull a Big Damn Heroes Momentâ„¢ out of thin air.

Or maybe Wubba out of said thin air. Uh oh.



Long-necked Rocky may be one of the strangest things I've seen in this comic.

And that's sayin' something!


Rocky's neck needs little feet, like a centipede^^



You can already get headsets that let you see through them and let you know if you're going to hit a wall. You just have to spring quite a bit extra for them. "What are the chances anyone will need it?"



Can they detect camp fires?


Technically, Wubba isn't "walking"...



If it talks like a duck


Wubba, look out for that cliff!

LOL, that last panel reminds me of that minigame in Rayman Raving Rabbids where you guide a rabbid blindfolded by a plunger. LOL, I remember sending that rabbid into those dangerous hazards.

Now, back onto topic. I'm so glad they found out about Zob rigging the court. What's their plan and how will they defeat Zob? This is getting very exciting!



I wonder if Wubba can make an injury claim? Think of the compensation money he could get! You'd be rich Wubba!


I have a challenge for you guys.

If you ever saw the Super Mario World Code Injection to make Flappy Bird via hex editing by glitch abuse, all done by a man, then I want you to do something similar.

I want you guys, using a Plok cartridge, a SNES, and by abusing glitches, to edit the hex values, to do a perfect recreation of Tetris.

Good luck.



Plok has no glitches to exploit.


www (d + 0 + t) youtube ( d + 0 + t)com/watch?v=rM5aNJx2DCg




Except none of those allow executing arbitrary code. Those are just minor bugs with the game.


Brad Silvia

Frank Cifaldi made a great case for why old games should be emulated and re-released-


I keep harping on you guys to re-release Plok, and I feel that this gentleman articulated a very good argument for why it should be done.



nice pun on the title XD


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