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Vol: 5

Mon, 01 Feb 2016

#103 Well Read

Wubba's visage is transmitted to System Z.

#103 Well Read

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Main Series: Vol 5

#103 Well Read

Wubba's visage is transmitted to System Z.

Mon, 01 Feb 2016

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Rockyfella sure knows how to multitask!



I tried to figure out Xobian mathematics. The closest I got I think is that they use binary base to calculate (768 = 0011,0000,0000). But what I don't understand is if you carry the one, this means that 1536 X-minutes are 24 years and the half only 24 hours - I may have that totally wrong, it really confuses me...

Anyway, I really like the six-panel format (and how Plok looks in panel 4 and Rocky's different expressions for his heads). To me it has the feel of a Saturday morning cartoon now.



Think of it more like roman numerals.



Man, I wish I could use the Split-Form Technique, too. That's sure save a lot of time!


Brad Silvia

One of Rockyfella's heads must be working on the Steam/GoG port of Plok.


Why would Xobians use base 10, and not some alien number thing?

Like binary?


So I see they're forgetting about Xbone.


Ste Pickford

That's satire.


Gorgeous artwork guys.


Does Rockyfella understand Xob language? I mean, he is reading it.

Wow, that's one way to study. Hey, if Rockyfella can split like that, does that mean all those rock bad guys in the Plok game are all actually Rockyfella?! I thought they're just rock bad guys...different rock bad guys. I didn't think they were Rockyfella.



Well, shucks. I always thought either the random rock-heads in Plok were either just Rockyfella being a jerk (thinking he only had one head but traveled fast) or buddies to do dirty work. Changed forever!

How do we get this guy assigned to stuff like curing cancer, social reform policies and figuring out the purpose of meaning or something?



Yeah he's learned the language and their number systems.

There's only one Rocky. Those multiple heads were always just him.


Does this mean that Rockyfella has more than one head or he can sprout additional heads?



He can sprout anything he likes. He can take any form he likes.



"He can sprout anything he likes. He can take any form he likes."

Wrong answer - this leaves the room open for innuendo and every deus ex machina imaginable going forward.



That's the plan.


Up until this point I haven't noticed, but rockyfella really creeps me out. Also, when can we see more more plok enemies? Like penkinos or those jumping green guys?



Funny you should say that...



Plok's beaten the tar out of a lot of people in his time, and over minor disputes like flag placement and unwanted immigration. I don't fancy his chances.



768! A nice, round number (in hexadecimal)!



Someone noticed! Spectrum character/attribute res 32x24



Next episode on Monday BTW. Going a bit slower due to new format/production method (all digital) and Other Gubbins.


Hey! Just saw an article at Nintendo Life discussing the release of volume 3 of the comic. Congrats you mad geniuses you!


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