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Vol: 5

Fri, 22 Jan 2016

#102 An Unexpected Journey?

Wubba receives a message, and requires a prompt.

#102 An Unexpected Journey?

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Main Series: Vol 5

#102 An Unexpected Journey?

Wubba receives a message, and requires a prompt.

Fri, 22 Jan 2016

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Looks like we've got ourselves a running gag here. Like, every time Wubba's out of character, he's vapin'.

Wonder what that J stands for...


Six panels? And thinner lines?

I am not sure this is the right art direction this comic should go...


Ste Pickford

I've gone all-digital with the art for the first time, starting with this episode.


Looks good to me!


Brad Silvia

Yes! A Star Wars reference!


I thought his middle name was also Wubba.


I'm digging the new format! I've also got to know, is Wubba's middle initial a tribute to Jay Ward? Nice li'l reference, if so.



Whoa, art bump, looks nice, too! A bit more refined and appealing aesthetically, this is a fine-looking new panel.

Glad you guys are back, that was quite the cliffhanger the comic left on.

Now it is the question of what our Wubba friend will do.



I like the new cleaner look and the fitting fourth wall breaking in the first ever fifth panel.

However you got some explaining to do. If the Zob species is so technologically advanced to simply send this orb device to project these beam warp spirals to quickly transport Wubba to their planet, then why was it necessary for Zob, Xöb, the Flea Queen and Plok to use more inconvenient means (which took the length of several strips) to get them to the Zob home planet? This seems like a deus ex machina to get Wubba to the trial as quick as possible.

I still love the comic though and maybe this fiery ring has a completely different usage than to what I imagine it to be.


Hooray, new webcomic! Love it!

Now we'll see more action with the new layout (six panels and the new styles).

I read the first panel and to me, Wubba line doesn't sound right. Is it supposed to be "it's awfully lonely" instead of "it awful lonely"? I'm not sure, it might be just me.

Thank you so much for this Pickford Bros, I love reading your webcomic.


I just read it several more times. Yep, it's just me. There's nothing wrong with Wubba's lines in the first panel.



>This seems like a deus ex machina to get Wubba to the trial as quick as possible.

They don't have teleport technology.


Then why is there teleport technology in fruit that relocates whoever enlarges them to alternate dimensions with vehicles?


It appears I also misread a comic, just went back and read the comic where Wubba introduces himself and didn't notice the period after the first Wubba, and thought his full name was "Wubba Wubba Ducky."



@Nathan Because it is some magic fruit and not Zob technology and/or it's simply a gameplay mechanic.

Now I believe that the device probably is just some advanced Skype-like telecommunications device and whoever wants to talk with these things needs to step into the spiral, basically the outer two circles project two output images and the one in the middle is an input/camera.



Oh! Snap! This is an unexpected development! The comic looks darn good like this, fellas! I really like it!



wubba you gotta stop vaping or you'll die


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