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Vol: 4

Fri, 20 Nov 2015

#100 On Solid Ground

Rockyfella reveals that he can communicate across the stars.

#100 On Solid Ground

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Main Series: Vol 4

#100 On Solid Ground

Rockyfella reveals that he can communicate across the stars.

Fri, 20 Nov 2015

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To several hundred more!



Hear hear! *raises a glass with Tranace*




*Throws the confetti*

Now to watch some OBJECTION! slinging action?


Oh man, is Plok in trouble? Hope he doesn't have to bust out a Plokontinue.



Man, he is REALLY good at ground-related stuff. Wonder if he knows his way around ground beef...



Rocky *is* the ground.



To be fair, Plok has a bad habit of jumping and yiping while attempting to stand on things other than solid ground.


I think Rocky got high.


Happy 100th issue, Plok, here's to 100 more!


Ste Pickford

Thanks :)


You're welcome =)


Plok-themed Christmas crackers.

Just saying.



Oh man. I can't wait to see who Plok calls as his lawyer. Or better still, what kind of cockamamie public defender he gets assigned.

BTW, any new news on the possibility of Plok coming to Steam? ;)


(Point hand out) Objection! Plok did not impersonate Rayman! He came out before Rayman did! He can do things that Rayman can't...and vise versa.

If there was any crime, that crime would be that Plok has no sequel games.


Ste Pickford

"If there was any crime, that crime would be that Plok has no sequel" - haha, that's a great line, we might borrow that for the comic!


Brad Silvia


The Pickfords were looking into re-releasing Plok on GOG and/or Steam via bundling the game with an emulator, but they haven't updated us on it probably due to an NDA of sorts.


Then they could simply REMAKE the entire game. And do things that they dummied out, but completely forgot about, so they make things up, like Plok exploding, because they have bad memories, and they could get away with it, with Plok still being obscure and all (until he make it as a Super Smash Bros. guest fighter, and everybody then plays Plok illegally on SNES emulators).



Your defense: You were trying to protect Akrillic, and you didn't realize you were breaking the Zob laws.


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