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Vol: 4

Mon, 19 Oct 2015

#96 Incredible

Look at all the detail on that map!

#96 Incredible

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Main Series: Vol 4

#96 Incredible

Look at all the detail on that map!

Mon, 19 Oct 2015

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Beautiful map! I love the Bobbins Bros. style skeleton off to the side. I'd really appreciate a chance to see an isolated image of the map at a larger size. It would make a great extra for an upcoming volume of the collected book.



Click on the comic for larger version of map.



Is-- is that what I think it is? A panel from the German Nintendo Fan Club comics? Heh heh heh heh... they really put a lot of random characters in those comics, huh?



The detail is insane! Was this the special thing that Ste was working on of which you were talking about a while ago? Because this must have taken a very long time. The greatest thing is you incorporated all the rooms and environmental details of the previous strips: the stairs when Plok was working out Rocky-style, the two rooms which were shown from both of the two 'back in the past' strips and the workout room, I suppose, from the last strip. There are even toilets and the first official confirmation of female 'ploktoids' (the tubes leading down to the bottom and waste in the lower left is hilarious).

We even get a hint of what might happen in the future - what is trapped in that huge cage that is locked behind two steel doors which can only be opened by valves?

This is the closest thing we got to have an ingame map for an actual game.

Are you allowed to post the entire German Official Nintendo Magazine strip where Plok appears, if you haven't done so already? I really would like to see it, hell I'd even translate it if the language barrier is stopping you from uploading it.



I'd want to live there. Kinda.


Why does Plok's poop have to go into the Lady Plok's room, and then not have any actual sewage?

And why did Grandpappy Plok drag the carcass of the one Bobbin's Brother that didn't survive the fight and bury him there?


Ste Pickford

The pipe from the gents toilet goes *behind* the ladies, and joins up there with the pipe from the ladies, on its way to the soil pit.



This at last explains why the Plok House music goes on for two minutes after the actual game's interlude ends before looping.

I almost hate to see that hidden in a place where most people will not find it!


I love it how you dodged my question about the missing Bobbins Brother



It's a trophy kill, methinks. Maybe Grandpappy just unburies it occasionally to take a look on Ebay for a selling price, then reburies it if the selling price is no good.


Love this comic! I always wanted to see what's below Plok's house. Hehehe, she thinks that Plok is an evil genius. I don't think Plok is evil.

I love the last panel where you showed off that picture of one of the German Club Nintendo comics. I love it! Any chance you can show us that German Club Nintendo comic, the one with Plok in it?


That map is amazing. I love all the little details!


Yeah that map is probably the best thing I've ever seen.


Brad Silvia

Oh man, you guys are taking too long to re-release this game!


I really like this one!



I know this is an old page, I'm catching up, but as founder of Crossover Wiki, I gotta ask: was that Plok appearance in the Mario comic ever officially authorized? Or did they just make a comic with any character they wanted?


Ste Pickford

They never asked us. They were publishing it in Europe though, so I imagine the publishing deal probably gave them rights. We never actually saw that deal.



Thank you very much for the response!



Why is there a pit



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