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Vol: 4

Mon, 12 Oct 2015

#95 Left Behind

Captain Skint explores the mysterious underground base.

#95 Left Behind

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Main Series: Vol 4

#95 Left Behind

Captain Skint explores the mysterious underground base.

Mon, 12 Oct 2015

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Hey cool, the Bobbins Bros. in a cameo. Poor Capt, that last panel's expression is priceless.



In Panel 3, can someone tell me what or who that character is with the yellow crown and mean eyes? I can't recall any similar looking character from the game at all. It's definitely not a Penkino, they wore top hats.


Brad Silvia

I believe it is one of the enemies from Plok Town in Akrillic.



Looks kind of like a Shprout, but a little different?


Awww, poor Captain Skint


So, what about that third Bobbins?

Did he die and his other two brothers are really old, or are they the grandsons of the ones Grandpappy Plok fought? Also, how could they see without eyes?



Maybe the Bobbins Bros see out their eye teeth.

...Yeah, that's all I got.



Maybe they use some weird form of ecolocation where they have to spit their teeth all over the place to get some sense of their surroundings?


Are the bobbins bros design inspired by the anthropophagi? When I was reading the monstrumologist, the bobbins bros are what came to mind when the anthropophagi were described.



Wow. So this is where they keep all the old game resources!


Soo, the first thing I noticed is the absence of the Penkinos and Womack Spider. Maybe they're stored elsewhere?

@Nathan I believe Granndpappy Plok killed the third brother (or maybe all 3 of them), and the two Plok fights for his flag are out for revenge.



cutouts r scary to skint


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