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Vol: 4

Fri, 11 Sep 2015

#93 Elusive

Back home the gang worry about their captured friend.

#93 Elusive

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Main Series: Vol 4

#93 Elusive

Back home the gang worry about their captured friend.

Fri, 11 Sep 2015

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I wonder how many episodes it'll be before Plok looks like his normal self again.

Not that I don't like this look, I just know it ain't here to stay.



first relax, then kicking alien butt... or more relax.


Has it really been 2 years? I love this comic so much. I love Plok in general. I've been following since is started but now I've worked up the courage to post. Thank you both for making this Mr. and Mr. Pickford. I look forward to more of the story as well as any other crossovers of your stories/chars/etc. You've probably heard this alot, but thank you again.



It only TASTES like prawn cocktail, Plok. You don't want to know what it REALLY is.

(...it's MARTIAN prawn cocktail!)


Ste Pickford



Wow, I thought he would be training, not relaxing drinking pawn cocktail though it's nice of them to give him free drinks.



I can only imagine a big damn heroes moment from Xbone, Wubba and Rockyfella, only to find that Plok was having the time of his life.

Anyhow, I'm getting a pretty good chuckle at that 4th wall break. Congrats, Nathan, you're now a part of the Plokverse!


That's not funny!


@Nathan: You're right... it's hilarious! But seriously, you got a shout out in a Plok comic, that's pretty awesome!



Seriously, I'd be happy to get one!

Nathan, you lucky fellow.



Sorry @Nathan, couldn't resist. It was such an easy re-write for the first panel..


The first meta moment with comments from the comic. I love it...it just fit so well. Poor Rocky, Wubba and Xbone. They're going to be pretty disappointed when they learn what Plok is up to.



The first panel is a double-edged sword obviously, the joke is awesome considering the real-life circumstances and the current part of the story, however the expense is that a fan had to be the butt of a joke!

If you analyze the entire strip, Rockyfella is the skeptical fan who believes that Plok is over for good, Xbone a neutral observer, Wubba representing the fans who are quick to defend Plok and the fourth panel are the Pickfords simply having a good time right now.

Even if some time passes it doesn't bother me that much, there once was a stretch (I think it were the first months of 2014 IIRC) when there was no update and before that we had no new Plok material for 20 years! We have to remember that.

IMO Plok's new physique shouldn't return to normal until he has knocked some sense into Zob!



Plagiarize a Plok level in Super Mario Maker. Then post the results of your atrocity.


I've been wanting to make a go home cavern Mario level. Marios legs are causing problems though...



Not plok themed but...

Had a go at a simple puzzley one. Not hard but fun I hope.

There are 2 solutions.



I made a crappy version of Green Hill Zone, since I could not think of any Plok levels to fit in that (and Green Hill Zone is hard enough).



@WarriorWare I think he's actually getting more buff with every strip!


Brad Silvia

So... is Plok coming to GOG?



New one up: Easy Cave Adventure




This one is called Nice 'N Easy. Have fun!



I made a super accurate Space Invaders clone.


Be quick, it will probably will be taken down by Taito.


Let me guess...

You'll scribble a hastily made comic that does nothing but show off all of our Mario Maker codes.


Thanks for those levels, I'll try them out tonight and let you know how I did tomorrow. I hope someone will make a level based on Plok.



Plok comic strip, the new home of the Pickfords Mario Maker levels... Plok going to be in that ship so long he'll be back to normal.


WJC is still stuck trying to beat my level


Nobody posted in the past few days?

Anyway, have fun pulling your own hair out with this one



Tried making go home cavern.

It's okay.



Ste Pickford

First attempt here. So sorry. 87DA-0000-004B-961E



Bowser in the Dark World.

Made easier due to it being 2D


@ Nathan, I completed your stages with no problem... Okay, I did have a few problems with one of your stages but I still completed it. Great levels!


Brad Silvia

So... I just had a Facebook feed post mentioning that Night Dive Studios just released System Shock: Enhanced Edition on GOG.

It reminded me that Plok still hasn't made its way to GOG yet. Are we going to get an update? I know I keep harassing you guys about it, but I just can't get it out of my mind! If it's under NDA, that's understandable. Just throw us a bone to tide us over.


They already threw you a bone, with their crappy Super Mario Maker troll levels. As well as my crappy Super Mario Maker troll levels. And Nick's crappy attempt as a Plok level using Super Mario Maker.

Have fun.


Brad Silvia


I mean a hint of them actually going through with releasing Plok on GOG.



Gee, Nathan, kind of sour, aren't you? Even after a shout-out?

Let the Pickfords work on the comic at their pace. It's no race when quality is at stake regarding haste.


You mean I am not allowed to get angry at the developers of one of my favorite game of all time, and an awesome webcomic?




I see no issue really - many may disagree with a one or two "sour" comments from Nathan (I do too) but he is entitled to express them. I rather want differing opinions than only having sycophants around here!



Ste's been tied up finishing a paid project this week. Hopefully normal service will resume next week.



>their crappy Super Mario Maker troll levels.

My Mario Maker levels are ace.


Ste Pickford

Mine are a bit trolly.


Mine did have trouble capturing the true essence of plok...When's Plok Maker coming out?



Well, I can't say I usually understand a "joke" of calling people's stuff "crap" or rushing comic work out, looking at what happens to quality when creators actually do comply with those demands. I'm just not someone who really appreciates that kind of mindset of dissing people's stuff and I will tend to say something in defense for people. Constructive criticism is pretty cool though, nothing is wrong with that.

As to "Sycophants", I would not exactly say there are a bunch of sycophants around here anyhow, beyond people who like Plok, but that is appropriate for this comic and why we are all here. Still, I think I get this gist now of Nathan being the local salter. Nathan, you're cool man, it just took me a bit to really catch your direction and I will always agree with Plok being an awesome game, even if viewpoints differ. I was just convinced you were some griefer here just to ruin people because they like Plok or something, been in way too many places on the Internets with people who get kicks doing that.

On a more cheery note, I want to try all these levels when I can finally snag a copy of Mario Maker. Student budgeting sucks.



i try to make some Cotton Island levels in 1 level... they are ok.

Code: 87A0-0000-0065-AB4A


Plok needs to be DLC in Super Mario Maker, then I will have a reason to buy it.



There needs to be a Plok Maker.

It will sell millions MORE than Super Mario Maker.


Ste Pickford

Sorry for the recent delay with the comic. Real life / work taking up all our time. We should be back up to speed again this week.



Also Mario Maker. :)

Ah well, makes the next comic sweeter, especially if Nathan's suggestion of a Plok Maker ever did happen. You can take my entire life savings.

If I had actual life savings yet. Crap.



why does Plok's face look like a dolphin in the final panel?



not a dolphin a seahorse


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