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Vol: 4

Mon, 24 Aug 2015

#92 Misjudged Legacy

In the olden days things were black and white by choice.

#92 Misjudged Legacy

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Main Series: Vol 4

#92 Misjudged Legacy

In the olden days things were black and white by choice.

Mon, 24 Aug 2015

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I remember reading in the official German Nintendo magazine that the flag was made by Plok's grandmother... :P But your official depiction of the Plok mythology is so much more satisfying, it really gives the game a depth that it didn't have. So the interesting thing is that grandpappy is unintentionally responsible for the main events of the game.


Ste Pickford

German Club Nintendo Magazine is definitely NOT canon.



This reverse-continuity you guys are explaining makes so much sense, it's actually a little scary!

Well done!


So that's why that flag is so special... Hey, wait a minute! (re-read the last panel) What colours were they originally? And I don't know why but Grandpappy in the last panel looks like Eggman (Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog), must be the position of his moustaches.



>What colours were they originally?

Shades of grey.


I love the backstory of the flag and how the color in the two end panels stand out from the rest with their colorful vibrancy. =)






The old-tyme fancy-schmancy font Grandpappy speaks in makes me smile.

Grandpappy, you scheming rapscallion!


Grandpappy apparently believes that he can someday turn into a zombie and strike it rich.

He is an old fool.



Aren't we all?


Some people spend their dying days in a desperate attempt to ensure conscious machines will inherit humanity's culture in the wake of its imminent demise.

Others spend their dying days unwittingly luring hostile aliens to their planet with reckless acts of embroidery.


RIP Plok Comic

2013 - 2015


Ste Pickford




I rather have them both take a time off the comic than forcing themselves to churn out half-hearted strips when they don't feel like it. Also it's a tiny temporary relief for my bank account :P So what I'm trying to say in a nutshell is that I'll be more glad to read the comic when the Pickfords are fully motivated to do it!


Ste Pickford

It's still going, just sometimes real-life gets in the way. Also, I started doing a drawing that's really a sort of background image / reference image for one of the upcoming strips, but it's ballooned into one of the most complicated drawings I've ever done, and that's been sucking up my time (colouring it in today).


@Nathan: You haven't SEEN an irregular update schedule yet. Try following Order of the Stick, or worse, Lackadaisy. Compared to both those two, you can set your clock by Plok. (Hey, that rhymes! XD)




I know I speak for myself, but I believe I'd rather have a well-made comic strip that takes a bit longer than having someone rush the authors to make something half-heartedly. We just need patience, this strip has been a lot of fun to follow.

Thank you, Pickford Bros, for setting the time out for this awesome comic.



Cheers @TheByrd, @Ryusui & @NameThatNobody!

A new episode will be up soon. The delay is a combination of some paying work and (as Ste mentioned) he's working on something special for the Plok strip which turned out to be a big undertaking.

Delays are always a possibility as the strip is a side project to our normal dev work - this is why the Patreon is 'per strip' rather than 'per week'.



To either of the Bros, I have a question and pardon me for spamming up this wall.

I would like to purchase paperback versions of your Plok comic and purchase some as a gift to someone else in the future. Which of the sites listed gives you the best cut? I'm leery toward Amazon and how well they pay authors, so I figured you two would be the best to ask.



Amazon is best I think. They print the books on demand.



Fair enough, and I realized after peeking into the links they're all Amazon anyhow, guess I'm being pretty silly.

Thanks, John!


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