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Vol: 4

Mon, 10 Aug 2015

#91 Excavation

The ZX SpectraScope. Better than a Vega.

#91 Excavation

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Main Series: Vol 4

#91 Excavation

The ZX SpectraScope. Better than a Vega.

Mon, 10 Aug 2015

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So, after all these years, we'll finally see what's hidden under that statue... BUM BUM BAHHH!



Confirmed: "I Sent My Monkey To The Moon" is the sequel to "Zub".

On an unrelated note, "Garfield Gets Real" is still credited to you Pickford fellas on Wikipedia. Heh heh heh.





@Joseph Collins: you're right - the clues sprinkled about by John lately can only lead to this conclusion. That's actual pretty good advertising! Too bad that I don't own no iOS device -> you really need to expand your audience and include at least Android devices!

Anyway I like the hands in panel one which kinda reminds me of the opening sequence of the first Alone in the Dark :)

Also I kinda hope the complex under that statue is like the one in Myst. I'm very likely wrong but guessing is half of the fun reading the strips every week.

About these letters on that keyboard: Is it made-up gibberish? If not you need to include some sort of Zob language and Zob alphabet appendix in your next ebook :P


Ste Pickford

I have indeed carefully worked out the entire Zobian language, its history, dialects, character rendering styles, and am currently designing a suite of fonts. I'm working towards taking my GCSE in Zobian later this year.


I know what is under the statue.

A hidden stash of Plok 64 cartridges.



AAA, that first panel, so awesome, how come no one has mentioned that ZX Spectrum shout-out? I loved the 'ol ZX, it's so wonderful seeing a reference to such a nice little computer. Talk about some early days of "Pee-Cee Master Race" gaming there.


Is the enemy name "Budd Lite" a beer joke?


The ZX Spectrum. The computer in which colors were glitched out to the point where they would fill out an entire line on the screen, and where all sound effects were farts.



The colours were wonderful. Can't really argue about the sound effects.


I wonder what Plok would be like if it were to be on the Spectrum.

Just imagine a more intensive LSD trip, listening to a wonderful rendition of Akrillic, with farts as the music.




Huh, I never had issues on the color. Maybe some farts for the more uninspired soundtracks, but I will always say Tim Follin knew how to do music, looking at Chronos on the ZX.


Sorry for going off topic but... While I was looking for pictures of Plok (I'm looking for good pictures to help me get the measurements right for my project. What's my project? It's a secret), I found a picture of Plok skating past Mario. I looked at the page and found out that it's from the German Club Nintendo comic. The part that caught my eyes is that MarioWiki said that Plok is Mario's strongest competitor in the intergalactical Olympics. It also said that Mario and Plok were the last two competitors in the game and that they were breaking several records.

Wow! Even Plok is well match for Mario. He should be in the Smash Bros game.


Ste Pickford




German Club Nintendo is now officially several shades of awesome just for that Olympics plot.

Wonder who's going to be in Smash for that vote-in character?



Third Friday in a row with the plot not being plokontinued...? :[


Ste Pickford

Next episode is nearly done, so should be out Monday. Sorry, I've been lazy.


Thanks for the update, I'll look forward to the next episode.

You guys got to show Nintendo the German Club Nintendo comics just to show them that Plok will make a great addition to the Super Smash Bros game. I mean he's in a Nintendo comic, doesn't that make Plok a part of the Nintendo family?

Still hoping that Plok will make it into Smash Bros.


Ste Pickford

It means that Mario and co. are part of the Extended Plok Universe.



"Next episode is nearly done, so should be out Monday. Sorry, I've been lazy."

Yes, you have.


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