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Vol: 4

Mon, 03 Aug 2015

#90 Keeping A Promise

You remember Captain Skint. From episode #50.

#90 Keeping A Promise

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Main Series: Vol 4

#90 Keeping A Promise

You remember Captain Skint. From episode #50.

Mon, 03 Aug 2015

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Honestly Plok, you've been captured and being sent to who know how far their place is, and all you can think about is training! You've better come up with a plan of escape before they get to their planet.

Zob is such a caring person, he doesn't care about the pain he is in, he is worried for Captain Skint.

Hopefully, when they return for Captain Skint, Rockyfella and Wubba will find a way to free Plok from his prison.


What is that red thing on the moon. If I didn't know better I'd say it looks like a warp pipe, and I don't know better.


It took me a moment to realize those bandages suggest his "head" is actually a pair of eyestalks. XD



@Nick, it's a monkey lunar mission

@Ryusui That's correct.



Plok, just stop.


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