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Vol: 4

Fri, 24 Jul 2015

#89 Arrival

A capture, a rescue and an introduction.

#89 Arrival

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Main Series: Vol 4

#89 Arrival

A capture, a rescue and an introduction.

Fri, 24 Jul 2015

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What a neat introduction!



It's nice to see the world from space for a brief time. However it would have been even cooler if you would have used the island shapes from the game on the planet :P

There seems to be a bigger jump in time again, but here the quick succession is actually used to great effect to introduce the new character.

Looking at panel 3 is kinda eerie because the bandages around Zob's indescribable body remind me of the movie Eraserhead.


There are more than 1 Xobs?

And we never got to see what REALLY was hiding under Xob 1's helmet.



There are many on their home planet. Zob & Xob are twins.

If you played the speccy game "Zub" you'll know what's under the helmet.


The closest thing I can find to what they look like is, strangely enough, the cover art of the game, where it looks like Boba Fett. Maybe someone would have to actually play through the game to discover that secret.


If you guys still own the copyright to the game, why not simply port the game to HTML5 and make it playable on this very site?

Of course, the REAL reason why you don't want to do that is because you are secretly making a sequel to it, which will cost more than $100,000,000 to develop, and will be the greatest game of all time, all while selling more than 60 million copies on day one.

I know what you guys are up to...


On the subject, if you guys had a Kickstarter I would back the crap out of it.



We have a patreon!



>If you guys still own the copyright to the game, why not simply port the game to HTML5

Whilst it seems we one copyright to the SNES game we don't have any source code (I don't think anybody has) so there's no way to 'simply port' the game. We may (at some point) work out a deal to bundle the ROM with an emulator.



I mean 'own' not 'one'. It's late!


I meant for Zub



Oh, not really sure about the ownership for that game. It's probably untraceable now.



Oh my. I looked into Zub a bit and I must say... I clearly do not know enough about my Pickford Bros. lore. I had no idea that Zob was as much a video game character as Wubba and Plok, nor did I know he (or someone like him) had his own video game! But everything makes a lot more sense now, strangely enough... and you guys with your fancy writing are doing a bang-up job of tying everything together into one universe! I love it when folks remember their roots, but I love it even more when they transplant and cultivate those roots in such creative ways! Well done, Pickford Bros.!

Oh, and now I know what's under Zob's and Xöb's helmets. Yay!



I wasn't really aware that you linked to ROMS of Zub in your softography. Is there any large difference between the versions? If there is, which one of them is the best so that I can experience the game most faithful to your vision?


Not fair. You can't take advantage of someone like that when theyre in mourning!



@NameThatNobodyTakes, I made the speccy version which I'd consider to be the original. From memory the ports to C64 and Amstrad were pretty good with the Amstrad being a bit more colourful. The game is just a very simple jump & shoot game. Our upcoming iOS title 'I Sent My Monkey To the Moon' is similar (no shooting though) and has direct references to Zob too.



Just making sure I'm able to read properly. You guys don't have the original source code to Plok? What happened to it? Also do you guys fully own the rights to the SNES game and the Plok character?



No we don't have source code. We never did. The game was developed by Software Creations (they licensed it from us). I've no idea what happened to their archive.

As I understand it we own the (C) to the SNES game and we have always owned the character.


Brad Silvia

A new company called 'Console Classics' that seems to be owned by Ian Stewart (from Gremlin Graphics) has been bundling old PlayStation 1 ISOs with the PCSX-Reloaded emulator and putting them up on Steam. They've also been supplying the licensed code for PCSX-Reloaded as part of the GNU General Public License.

Maybe you guys should look into getting Plok up on Steam as well?


Oh my gosh, that looks painful. Glad he is doing okay now...even though he is still in pain.

Xob sure know how to make an entrance and boy, does she knows how to catch the bad guys...even though Plok isn't a bad guy. I hope they can sort out this big misunderstanding soon.



Plok Remake!



Oh boy Almond Joy, the story just keeps getting better.

Now that Xob has captured Plok, how shall our stylish hero get out of this situation of true iron-y, bar the response of "With luck"?

Okay, bad pun.



The next episode has been delayed a bit (probably Monday) due to Ste being on holiday this week.



Zob has snail eyes


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