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Vol: 4

Fri, 17 Jul 2015

#88 Too Soon

We understood.

#88 Too Soon

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Main Series: Vol 4

#88 Too Soon

We understood.

Fri, 17 Jul 2015

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RIP Satoru Iwata =(

He left such a great legacy behind: Balloon Fight, Arcana, Alcahest, the second and third Mother games, and all things Kirby, to name a few.

It will never be the same.


Really nice tribute. Iwata's death was a terrible tragedy in the world of video games, but little tributes like this popping up everywhere have helped to make it a little more bearable.


Yeah lovely tribute guys. Thanks for this.


Satoru Iwatta was a brilliant man, and the gaming world will never be the same without him. But after thinking about it this whole week and looking at all the tributes, I'm realizing that we all shouldn't be focusing on his death that much but on what he did and how much of an impressive impact he had in the gaming world. He would've wanted us to do so as well. If he knew he was going to die he probably would've asked us to only think about what he did for Nintendo and what Nintendo will do in the future, and he would've asked us to understand. RIP Iwatta-sun. Thanks for all the great games and systems you made and helped develop.



I don't know why people keep constantly associating the Mother series with Iwata. It was Itoi's project. Iwata might have been on board for Mother 2, but people seem to be overexaggerating his usefulness and purpose in that. I don't mean disrespect, but I do find it more disrespectful that people are going to remember him for the wrong things.



Cheez, you are one of the first to state this and I thank you for it. Iwata's accomplishment is Balloon Fight. See, it's sad he's gone, but I associate him with a lot of the poor decisions Nintendo made while he was CEO.


Satoru Iwata, I thank you for what you did and all the games you had made over the years. We will miss you. Rest in peace.


Brad Silvia

JPickford hasn't updated the thread on NeoGAF in a while. I think posting a link on a slow news day would be the perfect time to update it.



I'm a bit wary of spamming on forums so I tend to post when it's an episode that I think is particularly good or doesn't need the reader to have been following the story.


My favorite part is the description. If there was one thing that would make his spirit restless it would that we did not understand.



He appears as a blue horselike creature in BOTW called Satori. I think that's a sweet way to honor him.


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