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Vol: 4

Fri, 10 Jul 2015

#87 Restoration

Zob down, but not out.

#87 Restoration

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Main Series: Vol 4

#87 Restoration

Zob down, but not out.

Fri, 10 Jul 2015

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Brad Silvia

His face... is an advertisement for Plok on GOG!


Or more likely Zub.

Why would Xob advertise for one obscure game of his arch nemesis, for his own, even MORE obscure game?


OH MY GOOOOOOOD! Plok's manly physique in the third panel is too much!


Oh, and the surprise twist of the villain turns out to be {TO BE CONTINUED} Awww! =(



I love the SEGA joke.


That flea is rather suspicious. I'm sorry to be the one to point this out but "happend"


I just realized: but Plok just unknowingly sealed that Flea inside! O.O


The SEGA Spy line made me actually LOL.


Can someone explain the sega bit?


But if the joke is explained, then there *is* no joke.


(Nintendo and Sega were each others' enemies in 1993)


Ste Pickford

Thanks for pointing out the 'happend' type Nick. Fixed now.


Oh, those wacky Console War days of the Nineties. Makes me feel like some kind of war veteran... though with all those Nintendon't and Genesisn't adverts, maybe we all were.

On one note, I DO wonder what direction Nintendo will go now that Iwata's gone and a longtime Nintendo engineer is candidate for big kahuna CEO. Maybe it will head in a better direction?



@Starboy: No he didn't. The flea is shown jumping off in the third panel.



Flea jumped down the hole.



Let me guess, next Zob's gonna be saying "Meow?"


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