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Vol: 4

Fri, 26 Jun 2015

#85 Vainglorious

Plok gets on the blower to the Big N.

#85 Vainglorious

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Main Series: Vol 4

#85 Vainglorious

Plok gets on the blower to the Big N.

Fri, 26 Jun 2015

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But you were on the SNES! How can Reggie not know about Plok?!



I'm sure Reggie a huge Plok fan. But getting put through is hard when the admin staff were born in the 90's.



Every comic makes me feel worse and worse for voting Ashley. It's not like she has a chance either.



Ya know, I only just now noticed Plok's cowl has some serious sausaging going on. That's a subtle but funny touch for Big Plok. Heh.


It's not my fault that Plok slept for 20 years, and spent 2 more years barely doing anything in the process.


The meta-joke about "my body is ready" is my new favorite line in the comic.


Before you go into Smash Bros, please Plok, turn back to your cute self. I prefer to play as your old self than your new look. I'm going to pre-order your amiibo as soon as it comes out.

And for the record, I played Plok way before Rayman.

Keep trying Pickford Bros. I know you can do it! And don't worry Plok, we're all cheering for you.


I hope they make good use of his amulet ability when they put him in smash. I really like his angry face. Maybe they'll put it in the comic sometime ;)


We all love you, Plok. You had my vote for Smash, now let's see if the whole thing isn't rigged or they don't simply make a really silly Mii costume out of the winner.

On another note, I always thought Bubsy for Smash would be hilarious just because you can beat the stuffing out of him and make him a joke character. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?






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