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Vol: 4

Fri, 19 Jun 2015

#84 E3 Rollercoaster

The gang take a break to watch videos of games.

#84 E3 Rollercoaster

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Main Series: Vol 4

#84 E3 Rollercoaster

The gang take a break to watch videos of games.

Fri, 19 Jun 2015

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Brad Silvia

Big news from you guys would be Plok on GOG! Come on, just announce it already!


E3 was horrible.

No new Plok game.

Therefore, it was a horrible E3. Even worse than Sony E3 2006.



But Nathan, that E3 didn't have a Plok game either.



Plok pre-dates E3! He was probably at a CES show.


Yes rockyfella, where is Zelda? It's funny that we get more Plok updates than a major Nintendo title.


Hahahahaha! This is funny! Poor Plok, he is being overshadowed by E3. Maybe in the next E3 Plok will be the star of the show. I really like Zob's expression in the third panel, I just want to hug him.

And Plok...I want you to go back to your cute, normal self again. That new look doesn't suit you.



E3 sucks until there is a new Plok.

I suggest you guys go over back to Rare, and develop a new Plok game. That is, if they remember you guys, and Shigeru Miyamoto isn't crying over the loss of one of his favorite Western SNES games that he had no hand in.

Of course, if you are with Rare, if David Wise is still willing to work with them, he would be the next best thing if Tim and Geoff Follin won't work on the music, and Kirk Grantwood would more or less butcher it so it would be "un-Ploklike".

Make Plok 2 GOTY for E3 2016. START ON IT NOW.


Any updates about Plok on Virtual Console?


Brad Silvia


The Pickfords submitted Plok to Nintendo and even got to the contract stage, but Nintendo never responded after that. When The fans were told about this, we recommended that they submit the game to GOG.com but we haven't been given an update since.


It is because Shigeru Miyamoto still believes that the game runs on witchcraft, because the music should be IMPOSSIBLE to come from a SNES, and therefore have emulator issues with Virtual Console. But since "less than legal" emulators also run on witchcraft..



Miyamoto may be involved in Nintendo still, but he's no longer the big man on this one. That's Mister Iwata's job, sadly. My guess is that the fellow perceives that Plok would probably not be profitable due to its niche following, like how Earthbound and Mother games were for the longest time before a release.


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