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Vol: 4

Fri, 05 Jun 2015

#82 Level Playing Field

Plok is hit! Oh no, hang on, he's fine.

#82 Level Playing Field

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Main Series: Vol 4

#82 Level Playing Field

Plok is hit! Oh no, hang on, he's fine.

Fri, 05 Jun 2015

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Wait, wait... How many statues of Grandpappy are even on Acryllic??

Also, love that reference in panel 3! Cleverly done!


Brad Silvia

Loving that Super Scope reference.



How about the reference in panel 4?



First he tries to handcuff the man who can throw his limbs around, and then he tries to blow up The Exploding Man.

Goodness gracious, Xob, get it together.


lol, I absolutely love how completely unfazed Plok was after the explosion; like no big deal XD


... wait, Plok has a watch on? I didn't even notice. O _ o


I'm pretty sure Plok could survive more than one measly rocket in the original game...


Cool people don't get hit by explosions.

Sorry, Wubba.


They usually walk away when the explosions happen without so much as turning their head to watch.


How did that statue get back on its pedestal, when it bounced off (for some reason) some 22 years ago?


Must be PLOK put the amulet back and it bounced back. Maybe the amulet will come back into play...?


Plok himself has fired rockets and grenades at point-blank range, without getting hurt.


Brad Silvia

So... do The Pickfords have anything exciting to share with us anytime soon?


@Brad: You mean besides another issue of this great webcomic? :D

Also, is panel 4 about the temporary invincibility that olde schoole game characters had when they were hit? Or did I miss something...



Well trying to explode the exploding man is a tad futile. It's also a Blues Brothers reference.



Plok is on a mission from Reggie.


Brad Silvia

Have you guys heard? Throwback Entertainment is looking into re-releasing the Wizards & Warriors series, but are currently sorting out rights issues.


@JPickford, Oh my gosh, that sounds so cool! This is getting exciting!

You go Plok! Well ta go Pickford Bros. Keep up the great work!


@JPickford: Good grief! I can't believe I didn't get that. Thanks for reminding me :)



he doesn't even have a watch so he's probably guestimating


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