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Vol: 4

Fri, 22 May 2015

#80 ‘Miibo Mania

Plok admits to ballot rigging and electoral fraud.

#80 ‘Miibo Mania

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Main Series: Vol 4

#80 ‘Miibo Mania

Plok admits to ballot rigging and electoral fraud.

Fri, 22 May 2015

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I'm not really an amiibo person myself (I personally don't want to get small figurines to play games, which is the same reason I haven't touched anything Skylanders; if I wanted to collect figurines, I would collect figurines and nothing else; though that's just my personal opinion on that), but I have to say that Plok's dreamlike amiibo pose is border on priceless! XD

And I voted for Plok myself. I would love to see him as a playable SSB character.

Finally, Plok should be careful where he admits these things. What the poster-wall had ears? O~o


* what IF

Curse my sometimes inability to 100% proofread my quickly typed up posts before submitting them! DX


I would buy that amiibo. Sadly I feel like I'd be one of few...if only he had interchangable power up outfits...or maybe a dedicated PLOK amiibo line! Yeah!!


Can you spot the problem with a Plok amiibo?




Problem? I don't see a problem. What problem? #Kappa



A Plok Amiibo might be too awesome. Nintendo probably won't be able to make enough to satisfy demand.

And there's the floating limbs thing.


Two words: transparent plastic.

...or more likely, thick pieces of colored plastic which totally spoil the illusion. :(

As for not enough to satisfy demand...yeah, that's kind of the status quo for these guys. ^_^;


Ste Pickford

I deliberately chose a pose in the drawing where all the limbs were touching, but floating limbs would be awesome. I'm sure it could be done with magnets or something.


The solved it with Link, by having a mighty column of frozen piss.

(Can't post links, but google "Link Amiibo" to see the horror)


The pose on the SNES game box is 'the pose' for me, and it doesn't require floating limbs either.

By the way, do these figures still exist? ( the ones use for the game box ). They are awesome.


Brad Silvia

How did Gaijin Games get Commander Video in as just a historical trophy? You guys should have done the same thing for Plok.


aww man, now i really want a plok amiibo....


When it fails, will Plok go into a deep drunken depression?



It's in the bag.


I'd sell my soul for a Plok Amiibo in that pose.



For whatever reason I suddenly wonder: what happened to the clay Plok from the game box? Who made that?


Oh Plok, can you actually do that?

I really, really, really want you in Smash Bros! You would be a very interesting fighter.

And about that amiibo...I'm not sure about that pose. The pose I would like to see is you throwing your arm as if you're attacking. Once it's confirmed I will be preordering Plok amiibo, there is no way I'm going to miss that.


I like how this is the second time Plok's comic book has referenced the desire to be in SSB.


Keep in mind that Plok is almost one of Nintendo's own! He was published by Nintendo in Europe wasn't he? There's also his unusual inclusion in the official Mario Paint guide. That's actually how I found out about Plok back in the day.






If Plok isn't the final fighter, Sakurai's gonna regret it.



UPDATE: Oh my god >:/


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