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Vol: 4

Fri, 15 May 2015

#79 Undercover

Charli-erm, Plok gives his team a pep talk.

#79 Undercover

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Main Series: Vol 4

#79 Undercover

Charli-erm, Plok gives his team a pep talk.

Fri, 15 May 2015

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good grief


derp. didn't catch xbone's quip there.

anyways, have you guys considered let's-playing (is that a verb? I think it's a verb) your backlog? seems a good way of generating awareness these days. plus i think it'd be interesting (maybe it might jar loose memories not already archived on your website).


Brad Silvia

Hey JPickford, whatever happened with this?


You guys actually did seek out re-releasing the game on the eShop? Please tell us that it is still in the pipeline!



We got quite far (contract stage) but Nintendo went quiet. Not sure it's going to happen now.


Brad Silvia


How about approaching GOG?


I've heard they are excellent to work with. I really want to see you guys get the exposure you deserve.



We'll look into it. Outside of a Nintendo Wii U release it'll be a matter of bundling with an emulator I guess.

This is probably all moot once we triumph in the Smash Bros Ballot. Plok will be back on top - especially as he's the most powerful character (everyone will want to play Plok).


Brad Silvia

I seriously hope you guys consider it! All it takes is a submittal of the few bits of required info and I guarantee you'll be contacted by GOG.


When I read Plok's dialogue in the above two panels I pictured him speaking with Johnny 5's voice. That movie's fun!


Hey, have you guys ever considered re-releasing Plok on a website like GOG? You were so close to re-releasing on the Wii U eShop, GOG should be a piece of cake!


I'm all about that GOG suggestion. Never had the pleasure to play the game, but I watched parts of it. Either way, glad to see this IP didn't fall off the face of the earth.


Honestly I'd never heard of this game before somebody posted about it on the GOG forum, but based on YouTube footage it looks like a fun colorful platformer, and I'd encourage you to at least make contact with GOG via welovedevs@gog(dot)com or gog(dot)com/indie or message them on Twitter, twitter(dot)com/gogcom. :)


I think it's already been mentioned that there are a couple emulated SNES titles legitimately available out there, which is good precedent. It wouldn't be unusual at all for GOG to release Plok that way, 'specially since all their DOS games are emulated via DOSBox. They've also got a couple of emulated Amiga games, too, and The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime runs off a modified version of the ScummVM emulator, if memory serves.


I want to say thank you Pickford Bros. Thank you for making such an amazing game. I still have my Plok cartridge and it's very special to me for this reason. My aunt bought me the game new back in the day and she died a few years ago. It's always been a favorite of mine and now it's one of the few things I have in memory of my aunt. I love that you guys are still around and making this comic. Keep up the great work.


Ste Pickford

Thanks for the kind words Lou. :)


What kind of power would that costume have if that was a power-up?

Best of luck getting Plok re-release, I hope Nintendo will release it on e-shop. If that doesn't work then listen to your fans on here.



Plok and Peanuts, two of my favorite things that begin with the letter P.

Now all we need is Popeye.



It stinks that you can't make a male Majin in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse that's thin enough to look like Plok. But female Majins are itty bitty little twigs. Where's the in-between? Have they forgotten about Super Buu?


Nintendo only went quite because you didn't contact Shigeru Miyamoto, Remember, HE wanted the game for himself. He most likely forgotten about it, but if you contact him about some obscure SNES game that almost nobody cares about anymore, then MAYBE he would be able to contact his superiors about it.


I'm also very interested in Plok being available on GOG, please guys, consider that option.


On a side note, I think Plok chose a horrible disguise. I am not even sure if you Brits even play baseball, but instead, all pay attention to Cricket, which what I understand, makes up its own rules on the fly. Maybe.



You're thinking of Quidditch.


I love how you even used a Peanuts-type text font for Plok's dialogue. I read this and I picture he actually sounds like Charlie Brown up until he takes the cap off. XD



Plok looks pretty good in a hat ngl


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