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Vol: 4

Fri, 08 May 2015

#78 Outside Chance

Don't forget to use your vote, people!

#78 Outside Chance

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Main Series: Vol 4

#78 Outside Chance

Don't forget to use your vote, people!

Fri, 08 May 2015

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Yes! This is awesome. Is rocky laughing because he knows PLOK will never make it or because he thinks it would be funny to see him have to go fight?



Wow where did rocky get that spray paint? It's very accurate and has such a nice white outline...


Ste Pickford

He's a graff-master!


Why did Rockyfella simply not vote for himself?



Maybe he did.



>Wow where did rocky get that spray paint?



LOL, love it! Great work Rockyfella.


Awesome to include that link as a clickable thingamabob on the page. Very slick.

Been voting for Plok pretty constantly since finding out about the ballot some time ago.

Keep up the great work Pickfords! This comic feeds my nostalgia beast nicely :D


Voted. Honestly, Plok is one of the best choices for a new Smash character.


You know, with those graffiti skills, and if he knew how to rollerskate, Rockyfella could totally defect to Sega...

Of course, that is if he has a high tolerance of dancing while standing still, as well as annoying and meaningless Japanese songs and obscure Hipster music. It helps that he has a thick outline around him already.


I just realized that PLOK would make an amazing hd remake. The game. Not just PLOK in smash.



Plok could be an interesting fighter in Smash Bros if he had moves like "hit a target to do a thing" and "reclaim limbs". All your good special moves would use up a limb and you'd have to back up a bit to get them back, and in the meantime each missing limb would decrease the effectiveness of the regular attacks.

Come on, Nintendo.


@Cheez, wow, that's a great idea!

I am thinking that Plok's up special attack can be the saw jump when he uses the amulet. I also thinking that his costume power-ups can be use for the other special attacks. And one of his taunts can be the cowboy power-up. They can use Grandpappy Plok as one of Plok alternate costumes.



That's good too actually. Maybe one move is just a random powerup that you get access to for a little while.


Plok as a Smash fighter would be really neat. Plok could be a very timing-reliant character, whose B Specials woulde be focused on costume powers which can get extended by hitting a spawning (and quickly disappearing) target at just the right moment. Every fail would result in Plok getting Cowboy'd.

- Neutral B: Flamethrower (hit target for more range)

- Side B: Flying Punch (hit target for second, stronger punch)

- Up B: Saw Spin (hit target for more vertical range)

- Down B: Rocket Barrage (hit target for second attack)

His smash attacks could be used to throw his limbs, rendering Plok unable to use smash attacks for a short amount of time, but having varying effects through the flying limbs to keep him effective.

Also, Rockfella as an assist character would be absolutely amazing! Spitting rocks at enemies and punching through the ground, only to leave an invincibilyt gem behind when someone defeats him!


I just voted for plok on ssb ballot


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