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Vol: 4

Fri, 01 May 2015

#77 You And Whose Army?

Who is Wubba's mysterious new friend?

#77 You And Whose Army?

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Main Series: Vol 4

#77 You And Whose Army?

Who is Wubba's mysterious new friend?

Fri, 01 May 2015

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Brad Silvia

Plok is also wanted on Nintendo's Virtual Console service.

Now let's discuss Yooka-Laylee...


How exactly does Zob know that Plok explodes?

Also, did Plok find a Grocho Glasses present? What is his powerup?


And thus, Plok became the new Clark Kent.


In all seriousness though, I love Wubba's expression in the bottom-left panel. =3



The poster looks good, almost like the cover of an actual game! One reason I think that is because the pose is a little reminiscent of the cover from the game. The wanted posters would only work if there are other characters who have an interest to turn Plok in - so might there be a possibility of new characters? Also will we see in a future comic what it says on the bottom of the poster? Because I'm curious.

The detail of Wubba's face in panel 3 is great. It almost makes Wubba look uncanny or creepy but in a good way. Also I wouldn't have expected that you would subliminally reference the evolving drawing style in the last panel a week after I mentioned it, hmm :P. I did compare both #15 and this one with each other though.


I look back at it and you're right, Wubba does look a little creepy in that second-to-last panel. XD

Makes me think just a tiny bit of Page 190 of Awful Hospital. (I'd link it, but links aren't allowed in comments.)


I hope he hides out in creepy crag. And whistles that tune while he's at it.


Hahahahahahaha! Great disguise Plok, now they will never find you.



Plok, dressing up like your vanished father is just going to raise even MORE questions.


So, did Rockyfella ditch Plok and Wubba, or is he still hanging around with them (albeit behind the scenes for this issue)? o~O


Rockyfella ditched them so he could attempt to go on the multiplayer modes of Halo: Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One, which is his best new buddy. Which will fail, because the game still apparently has server fails.


Ste Pickford

Rockyfella is still around. He'll be the star of next week's episode. It's too hard to draw all of them in every panel, so you can usually assume Rocky and Xbone are still around unless we show them going off somewhere.



Maybe Zob reads the comic strip, and is therefore up on the latest subtitles and aliases.


Brad Silvia

So Night Dive Studios managed to get the license from Classic Media (DreamWorks) to re-release Turok as Turok: EX. Time for you guys to do the same for Plok?



or dress up as an axolotl. then nobody will recognize you, not even yourself.


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