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Vol: 3

Fri, 10 Apr 2015

#75 Escapology

He tried to handcuff Plok? Really?

#75 Escapology

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Main Series: Vol 3

#75 Escapology

He tried to handcuff Plok? Really?

Fri, 10 Apr 2015

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Our button-spamming worked, I think! If I remember this event correctly, if you fail, Plok just plain forgets he can launch his limbs and it's an instant Game Over.


I get a sense of onomatopoei...somehow


HA! Didn't really think that through, didja Zob? X3


For his next trick, Zob tries to drown Aquaman.

And ambush Batman under cover of darkness.

And throw Superman into the sun.


Yeah that was a really amateur mistake by Zob.

Loving the art detail on the close up of Plok's eyes.


The Otaku Nerd

Just curious, how many people did find the little "easter egg" from the last comic?


You mean Pressing A and B on the keyboard bringing you to Patreon to support the comic strip?


So does that mean that the button spamming was worthless anyway?




Isn't that always the way in these sorts of games?


Oh no, it didn't work!

Ha, take that! Plok outsmarted him on that one.



Wonderful... I'm glad to see as a community we manged this QTE, let's just hope they don't become too often.

In other news Plok you got my vote for the Smash Bros Fighters Ballot. Now I hope you a Rayman get in so you can finally get revenge for what he got and you didn't. Even if your games are rather different in the long run.

Still wonderful and amazing comics guys! I hope you can keep it up.


@ Joseph Collins

Yeah you're right


Brad Silvia

What is the status on re-releasing Plok? Is the answer still no?


Brad Silvia

Okay, so I read the previous page's comments. So you guys lost the source code to the game? That shouldn't be a problem. Blizzard released the SNES version of Rock n Roll Racing on their Battle.net service as a ROM+emulator executable, so there's that option for you guys to take for a PC and/or mobile release of the game.

And according to CeeCee who is the Community Manager of Natsume, when it comes to re-releasing older titles on Nintendo's eShop and Virtual Console service, Nintendo does all of the coding for the IP rights owners.

I want to see you guys be successful in your ventures, and all that seems to be holding you back is that lack of oomph to get you to re-release a game.


Don't forget there's people out there whose bread and butter is modifying games without the original source code. If you're interested in making any changes or tweaks to Plok, you could always try the romhacking community for assistance. ;)

At any rate, as long as you have the IP rights and the original ROM rattling around somewhere, there shouldn't be anything really impeding a rerelease on Virtual Console or whatever. Here's hoping I'll soon be able to play this game on my Wii U Gamepad. ;)


Brad Silvia

Microsoft has actually gone through MAME to re-release some games on XBLA, and Blizzard approached the ZSNES team to help re-release Rock n Roll Racing. If the source code to Plok is truly lost, I recommend contacting the programmers behind ZSNES.



Imagine if he put glue on the handcuffs. Then it would actually work.


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