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Vol: 3

Mon, 30 Mar 2015

#74 Run!

Readers, Plok needs your help!

#74 Run!

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Main Series: Vol 3

#74 Run!

Readers, Plok needs your help!

Mon, 30 Mar 2015

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">What's to hurt with trying?

Well there's a huge amount of time and effort involved with making the sort of demo people expect to see.

But I'd find it terribly demoralising to fail with a kickstarter. Not sure I want to go through that.

We own the rights to the SNES game but we don't have any source code. There's no way to port it that I'm aware of other than rewriting it from scratch."


Not possible to dissect a ROM that somebody posted online, or to even remake it entirely?



I'm sure it's *possible* but it would be an enormous amount of work.


*Presses A & B very quickly*


Ste Pickford

Doh, too slow!



Not sure I can keep this up till friday.


*digs up his old autofire controller*


Oh god, it's The Order 1886 all over again.




It would have been kinda cool if you would have inserted a little JavaScript code which recognized if someone was pressing A+B on the keyboard.

What's funny is that handcuffs could be easily removed from Plok's arms as long as they're not too tight.

Isn't it legally possible to bundle the Plok ROM with a GPL/MIT-licensed emulator (in the case you really own all the rights to the game)? I'm only raising the question and not suggesting you should do so because I rather want to see a full remake with the current art style.

I know that developing games is a lot of work, so my question would be if it's out of the question to contract another developer who might help you out as long as you keep 100% creative control and your IP rights? I could also understand it if you don't want anyone else involved in making a game.



We don't have any money so there's no chance of contracting the work out.

I think bundling with an emulator *might* be possible but we haven't looked into it.

We'd love to work on a new Plok title if the demand was there. Readership of the comic is fairly modest (but steady) and the Patreon isn't bringing in a great deal so it might not be the best idea businesswise.



I'm tapping as fast as I-- wait...

Oh no! This is a Playstation Dual Shock 2™ controller! There ARE no A or B buttons!

I can't help you, Plok!!



Just waggle it.


Does my generic usb controller counts?



We've added keyboard support.


I am currently taking a C# class.

Heck, I would do a port/remake for free if I could do more than make simple dialog boxes.

Of course, you would also need to learn how to "read" in C# (which I don't even know if you know how to do, seeing how Plok was most likely coded in C++), and of course, making simple noob programs does not translate into video game development skills (yet).



Plok was coded in assembler (machine language) C/C++ would have been very slow on SNES.




I have no choice but to tap for Plokerbell.


Which is all gibberish to me.

Also when you said C/C++ would have been slow on SNES, do you mean development speed, or was the SNES itself too slow to handle C/C++?



With those old consoles you really had to code in assembler to get the best performance. We didn't really switch to C/C++ until the N64/PS1 generation.


I was planning on making a game that was technically on par with the Genesis and SNES, but with far more memory size than what those consoles produced, for my first "major" game. I actually want it to be limited by sprite sizes, color, sound, and every other limitation, so it would behave like a 16-bit game, rather than doing something pixallated, but having little to no resemblance as to how the game would perform on the console the graphics would stylize itself upon.

I want to do something "legitimate" as to how it would behave on 16-bit consoles, but I don't want to force myself to learn assembly to do it.



There's no need to learn assembly. Just make a simple engine that handles a fixed number of tiles (maybe 3 or 4 layers which can scroll independently) and have a fixed number of sprites drawing again from a set of tiles. That way, whatever you do will look very like a SNES or GENESIS.


NO! This isn't gonna be like Resident Evil 4 where there are 6 QTE in rapid succession and if you fail even one you go back to a save point almost 10 minutes away from the event location is it!? NOOOOOOOO!


*Holds A+B* (can't believe you snuck in a QTE reference)

"Jocelyn"? XD


Ironically, when I held A+B on the keyboard (for the heck of it), I was sent to the Patreon page...



So you discovered our evil plan (which was spectacularly unsuccessful).


You know, you guys could have gone out and made an April Fools hoax today stating Plok 2's development maybe on some popular website somewhere, As well as you're suing Ubisoft for "plagarism".


I'm going to press as quickly as I can. Don't worry Plok, I'm very good at this.


Is that enough or do I need to press some more?!

Wow, so that's Plok real name, quite an interesting name.


You can't fool me! Just to prove that, I'll go donate now... oh wait... I've been diddled again!


Everyone go to the smash bros site and vote for PLOK as a new character!


Just Voted


I just voted for Plok too. Aww yeah.


Mr. Polygon

A + B


Mr. Polygon

It's already posted but yeah Smash has a voting thing ! Go vote 4 Plok!


Just did it!


I was just about to tell everyone about that. I have already vote for Plok.

I hope they pick more then one since I also want Bomberman, Dixie Kong and chocobo with moogle. I voted for Plok since I know some people who're going to pick Bomberman and Dixie Kong.


I also already vote for Plok as a playable Character for SSB. We have to fight together to make this work!!!


http : / / everybodyedits . com / games / PWxpV1Vzwsb0I



Sorry, guys! I just had to vote for Ashley...



You can vote more than 1 time


Just voted for Plok!!! =D I know it's a longshot, but I hope he becomes a character.



Plok has a bizarre full name

Also I don't have Patreon


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