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Vol: 3

Tue, 24 Mar 2015

#73 Assignation

Plok goes through the Boss door.

#73 Assignation

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Main Series: Vol 3

#73 Assignation

Plok goes through the Boss door.

Tue, 24 Mar 2015

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"Kneel before ZOB!" ... Couldn't help it.

By the way, I love how he's petting the baby Flea like a cat as an homage to classic villains. Nice touch!


Time to listen to the Plok Boss theme while reading this particular strip. ;)


@Tucker: Best boss music of the SNES era, for sure.


Oh my gosh, Plok knows him?! And Zob knows Plok as well?! Since they know each other, they can settle this situation by talking and listening to each other... Oh who am I kidding, Zob just called Plok a criminal! He'll probably take Plok down by force.


So wait...this guy's a FLEA?!?



Kind of. Genetically engineered for his role. He started out as a flea.


"Die monster! You don't belong in Akryllic!"


[an attempt to make a clever continuation/reply of above post]

"It was not by my hand that I am once again wreaking havoc upon this land. I was called here by cult video game fans who wished to pay me tribute!"


Well PLOK seems overly confident. I wouldn't think he would be considering how many times he's been beaten by bosses in my...game...oh


Tribute? You steal my flags, and make gamers your slaves!


"Perhaps the same could be said of all gaming communities..."



I love Plok's smug look at the end. Nailed that.


You comments are as empty as your playing skills! Gamers ill needs a player such as you!


"What is a gamer? A miserable pile of secrets. But enough talk, have at you!!"

*cue Star Trek fight song*


I will never forgive the PSP version for gutting that exchange.



Now I wonder what Mr Plok's first name is...



Funny you should ask that...


Plok's first name is ]'[;

It's the only logical explanation. You'll see why if you think about it hard enough.


Brad Silvia

Since Greg Johnson was able to take back ToeJam & Earl from the evil clutches of SEGA, I think it's about time The Pickford Brothers do the same for Plok!. Re-release the original game on Steam and set up a Kickstarter for a new game! Now's the perfect time.


Sega never owned ToeJam and Earl. They just had the rights to publish it, which is why they were not in their Mario Kart ripoff.

What Sega needs to do however, is rerelease Shenmue 1 and 2, as well as make Sonic 4: Episode 3. Maybe publish Plok as well.



Sega doesn't have a thing in the world to do with Plok, tho.



I'm not sure Plok is famous/popular enough to raise significant funds on Kickstarter. Well, not on name alone.


What's to hurt with trying?

Since you 99.99% chance you own the copyright to the full game, simply port it in its entirety to Flash on Newgrounds or Kongregate, as well as this site, and hype it up for Kickstarter. Might as well do the ZX Spectrum's Zub (which of course, if you didn't allow it to be on World of Spectrum yet, do it), and Wetris (or have a download link to the PC version of Wetrix (or simply remake it yourselves and put it up to date, and as an indie on Steam and the PS Vita).

And if is very slight chance that you don't, then Tradewest is dead, so whatever. Add in new levels in an unoccupied area, make Zob as a new area boss (in which case, Plok "forgot" about him due to sleep related amnesia in the comic), pay off the Follins in royalties if you don't own the music, and then, you have yourself a new fanbase to those too lazy to play it on SNES or to use ZSNES or something.



>What's to hurt with trying?

Well there's a huge amount of time and effort involved with making the sort of demo people expect to see.

But I'd find it terribly demoralising to fail with a kickstarter. Not sure I want to go through that.

We own the rights to the SNES game but we don't have any source code. There's no way to port it that I'm aware of other than rewriting it from scratch.


Mr. Polygon

The time has come!


Now, don't set me on fire and throw me out immediately,... but download the ROM take it apart?


What about a Wii U Virtual Console release?

If you have the rights to the original SNES game and licensing isn't a problem, then surely it's just a matter of supplying them with the ROM and asking them to put it on the Wii U VC service?



Oh hiya zob


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