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Vol: 3

Fri, 13 Mar 2015

#72 Undaunted

Whatever happened to...

#72 Undaunted

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Main Series: Vol 3

#72 Undaunted

Whatever happened to...

Fri, 13 Mar 2015

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Awww, you retained the sepia tone from the stages with Grandpappy as the main character in the game. =)

Awww, young Plok is so cute!


Awww, that's sad to hear about his father. =(

(It was all supposed to be one post, but for some reason it was split)


Now my curiosity's piqued. Being an American whose memories of the '80s largely consist of Transformers instead of video games, this "Razz Board" is an unknown quantity to me, and a Google search indicates only that it was apparently a piece of hardware created by Rare? Do divulge more. :3



We made a game called 'Fleapit' using the Razz Board. It was designed as coin-op game which for some reason we thought was the future. In reality coin-op was already dying.

Later on we developed the concept into Plok for SNES but we missed a fair few opportunities by chasing the coin-op 'dream'.



Well, if anything is evident in the video game world, it's that old and dead ideas aren't necessarily gone forever. Only time and some luck will tell when things like that get their second chance. I guess in this case, Plok is probably that second chance. Can't really tell if it would have been better if the old project was a success or if SNES Plok beat it despite all the technical stuff.


Lovely artwork here, it's gorgeous.


Any chance to play Fleapit?



I love the wrinkled hood and gloves on the old Plok-oid. Fixating on whether executioner accessories are not actually clothing but biological traits is probably missing the point!


So, canonically speaking, Flea Pit would have starred Plok's father?


Is Grandpappy Plok's ghost (or zombie, or at least just really old), going to appear in the future?



He can only appear in flashback as he was dead before the SNES game.



Well, that's why he said ghost.



I don't think Grandpappy will appear as a ghost, otherwise he could have told Plok straight away where the amulett was - the only way Grandpappy can send messages to Plok is if he falls asleep and dreams about Grandpappy's adventures.

If I can interpret the strip correctly you're implying that all the work to Fleapit has been lost, which would be kinda sad, but there's still a screenshot that survived on your very own website:


Are there also Mammy and Grandmammy Plok-oids or is a Plok-oid a hermaphroditic species?


Oh my gosh, kid Plok is soooooooo cute!! I want to hug him!

I'm so happy to see Plok's grandpappy again. I love him and that flashback part in the game.

When I read about Plok's pappy, I just...wow, I wanted to cry and hug kid Plok.



I like how kid Plok's letters are all in lower case, making his dialogue appear more juvenile. Nice touch.

And then there's that fancy font for GrandPappy. Cool stuff.

Also, kid Plok is adorable.



>there's still a screenshot that survived on your very own website:

I don't count that as a screenshot.


Ste Pickford

I've got some big Fleapit level layouts on graph paper here. Might try to scan them in one day, but they're quite big (like several sheets of graph paper sellotaped together).


I have an idea then.

Remake the original Fleapit idea entirely. Release it on XBLA, PSN, Nintendo Network, and Steam.

Add Plok, Zob, and Wubba cameos.



The time is now. The world needs more Plok. Or Dadplok. Whichever.



you guys need to make something like Mighty number 9 did to Megaman

Or project ukulele did to Banjo and Kazooie



Ubisoft beat you to it. Its called "Rayman".




or... what's Plok supposed to be?


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