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Vol: 3

Mon, 09 Mar 2015

#71 Ominous

Suddenly it all goes very quiet...

#71 Ominous

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Main Series: Vol 3

#71 Ominous

Suddenly it all goes very quiet...

Mon, 09 Mar 2015

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I recognize all those items... I think.


Oh snap!

I wonder if the boss will be nothing but a QTE fight, like that recent rubbish PS4 game "The Order 1886".


"Don't be absurd, all the bosses in my game had their own stages!"

"I don't think we're playing by those rules anymore..."


Ohhhhh, which boss could it be?! Is it the Bobbins Brothers or the Penkinos or Womack Spider or... Wait a second! Where's Rockyfella?! Where did he go?!





At least there's no extended, unskippable cut-scene to sit in before the boss fight, eh?



The game saves and also gives you all types of goodies right before the boss fight - game designers don't even have any faith of players beating extremely easy bosses these days... anyway great for pointing out the "ominous" boss build-up, I'm already curious what boss tropes you'll expose in the next strip!



Crash Bandicoot, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Castlevania, and a few I cannot immediately place.

But no Plok Fruit, that somehow are also portals to other dimensions, or simply a noob punches repeatedly to destroy and not eat it?


On a side note, this illustrates Suspicious Videogame Generosity quite nicely on TV Tropes (more so than the actual image).

I requested the bottom two panels of this webcomic replace the image that is currently there.


Hate to post a third time in a row, but the TV Tropes mods did not let that one go through at all. Just to have a little more exposure to Plok.



Ste Pickford

Ah, shame. Thanks anyway!



Oh no! What boss awaits behind that door?


@JPickford, that's going to be the boss battle? This is getting exciting! Wait a second, is this the first boss battle in this comic? Is this comic going to explain everything about boss battle to Plok?


Please let Suki appear in the comic, Americans have been harsh not to do anime-style art. Now's the time that she appears!



> that's going to be the boss battle?

He's chasing Zob.


Plok is going to have to fight Iggy ! I mean tag door looks kinda like it does in SMW but Iggy wasn't that hard to beat. Idk maybe it's Balfrog or Monster X



get em


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