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Vol: 3

Fri, 27 Feb 2015

#70 YOLO

Who has time for stupid puzzles?

#70 YOLO

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Main Series: Vol 3

#70 YOLO

Who has time for stupid puzzles?

Fri, 27 Feb 2015

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I love the designs and inverted colors of the Keepers.



Ask them if Plok is a dumb game. Whoever says "yes", then slice him to death via a saw.



^ or ask them if Plok is an easy game :) I don't understand how puzzles in games have come out of fashion, I really used to like them.

I don't know why I didn't mind it a few weeks ago but including Xbone in the first panel I start to realize that all of them have the same height in that panel which seems kinda odd.

I love how Plok is grabbing Wubba's and Rocky's heads at the team consultation in the third panel.

The Keepers seem kinda creepy to me.


Plok probably has the right idea in this case, given they never actually say one of them will tell the truth - only that he's "never knowingly told a lie," which doesn't preclude him from giving information he doesn't know is wrong, or deciding to knowingly lie THIS time.

...of course, if this were the standard puzzle, the standard "which path would the other one tell me leads to certain doom?" would work. As well as the nonstandard "kneecap one of them and figure out which one is the truthteller from their reactions" featured in The Order of the Stick. XD


I'm loving the team of Plok, Wubba and Rocky.

This comic rules!


Ste Pickford



So, are the Keepers from some obscure game of yours, was it a scrapped boss fight from Plok, or was is just a random insane thing you just came up with?



Seems like they're just there to be commentary on the flimsy morals/choices/consequence mechanics of games these days. I think it's accurate enough. Sometimes they're done well, but often they're just a tired and pointless barrier to progress and/or enjoyment. In the case of Plok, it seems to be the latter.

Make a blind choice and hope it's the answer or solution you want, thus not wasting any time; or plow through it with a guide? That's the real question.



ask them "are you sleeping?"





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