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Vol: 3

Fri, 20 Feb 2015

#69 Risk Averse

Plok learns that peril is milder than it first seemed.

#69 Risk Averse

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Main Series: Vol 3

#69 Risk Averse

Plok learns that peril is milder than it first seemed.

Fri, 20 Feb 2015

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Ha, now wouldn't Plok be surprised to learn we have ways to store data that don't require constant power anymore? The things he's missed out on all these years could fill a book, and that's just in terms of videogames!

He's kinda like someone's grandpa, except he's only had one nap so far and it was a pretty long one. Still just as bewildered by the modern age, though.



Plok's poses this week are great. I vastly prefer the ducking pose in panel 1 compared to the one Plok has in the game.

There is a reference to Wubba's sudden new e-cig addiction - is it just me or has the comic become more adult-themed recently?

As the original game didn't have any save mechanism at all and not even featured a password system, it would have been even funnier if Plok would have been ignorant to any type of saving the player's progress.



Oh he knows about battery-backup. The original publisher wouldn't stump up for battery-backup on the carts. Hence Plok seeing that as the lar-dee-dar option.


Just wait until he finds out that games now mostly come on disks and downloads.

And wait until he finds out that he could pirate his own game online using an emulator.


kotaku /the-most-unappreciated-platformers-of-the-90s-1687497360

First entry.

Add the dot com part.

And to think what would have happened if Nintendo approved the game to be second-party...


Oh my gosh, that was a close one! I'm glad that they are okay.


Ploks breaking the 4th wall again



Is the cloud in the second panel supposed to be Wubba's e-cig steam? Because the postion of the characters makes it look like Plok is farting XD


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