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Vol: 3

Fri, 13 Feb 2015

#68 Equivocate

Plok and co hold an impromptu press conference.

#68 Equivocate

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Main Series: Vol 3

#68 Equivocate

Plok and co hold an impromptu press conference.

Fri, 13 Feb 2015

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Ha ha. Why is a rubber duck smoking a pipe?



It's an e-cig. It's a parody of the recent 22 Cans video.



Haha, poor Wubba. XD


great parody... man that 22 Cans thing really gets me mad... I find it sickening Molyneux gets away with it again and again.. and then still think people like him... What was it he said on the video .... Yes we made millions with Godus, but you know gaming development is expensive so if we didnt meet all the promises.. well we can only keep working untill the monney runs out.. grrr ... This is why I like it that you guys do Patreon, its not loft promises and failed to delver on them a few years later.. its a subscription for something you enjoy. Keep up the great work guys.. still want a Plok game :-) .. have you guys ever though of using Unity, Creator or Game salad? As you could then concentrate on Ste and yours graphics and game design and cut out all the programming side of things, which I know you have mentioned is the bit that you dont enjoy.

For those not aware what I ranting on about hating above.. then look up the Eurogamer article the-god-who-peter-molyneux-forgot? .. it explains it quite well.



Yeah I do plan to learn Unity (or similar) at some point and look at possibly working that way. Just need to finish up current iOS projects.


Wubba is a stoner?



It's one of those e-cig/vape things. Watch the video linked in the rockpapershotgun article.


But I thought drugs didn't exist in the Plok-verse (despite the game looking like it was made on it). Maybe only fake drugs exist.



Nah, the whole game is a metaphor for drugs.


That explains everything then


LOL @ Wubba's face in the last panel.



I guess that means that if Wubba is using an E-cig, he already smoked and is trying to cut back? That's E-cigs use right?



Shouldn't e-cig vapor look like regular steam? It looks a little too... smelly? Is that the right word? Like it doesn't look like steam.


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