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Vol: 3

Fri, 16 Jan 2015

#64 Happenstance

Wubba picks a font, and, well, we haven't had an explosion in a while.

#64 Happenstance

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Main Series: Vol 3

#64 Happenstance

Wubba picks a font, and, well, we haven't had an explosion in a while.

Fri, 16 Jan 2015

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For the past several comics, Rocky's had to put up with Wubba babbling on about font choices the entire time. Not a very enviable position.


Reference to that one part of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga with peach's explosive voice?


Plokool-Aid: "Oh YEEEAH!"

Sorry, the reference was so obvious I couldn't help it! XD


Ste Pickford

Oh, Possum, I did complete Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, but I'd forgotten that bit, so it definitely wasn't a deliberate reference to Peach's explosive voice, but I wonder if I accidentally copied that idea without realising?


Ste Pickford

Also, I have to say that this strip (and the little storyline with Wubba wanting a new font) was carefully timed to take advantage of the New Year's Day sale at the brilliant www.comicbookfonts.com website. Wubba got a nice bargain!


Look who's back! Just wait till Plok tells them about how unfair the level was, I mean he tried to complete it for about 100 times.

I love the Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga! I had fun playing it and I played the whole series! I wonder if the Pickford Bros. will make Plok do something ridiculous like in the Superstar Saga where they tricked the bad guy by having Luigi dressed up as...never mind, I don't think Plok will appreciate that if they did it.


Wonder how Plok and the gang would do in a turn based RPG XD






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