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Vol: 3

Fri, 09 Jan 2015

#63 Winning

A happy new year to all our readers!

#63 Winning

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Main Series: Vol 3

#63 Winning

A happy new year to all our readers!

Fri, 09 Jan 2015

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Aw, Plok's rekindled with his old power-ups. What a nice way for him to start the New Year.

............... I seriously need to beat Plok's Normal mode.


Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to add:

Happy New Year! =)


Yay the old power ups.



Ever since I was a kid I wondered why Plok had helmets sporting US and UK flags. I always thought the only flag that's allowed on Acrillic is the one depicting the Grand Duke himself.

I'm glad the power-ups are back, they've always been my favorite part in the game because they were so colorful and cool-looking, especially during the Fleapit levels where you use them exclusively.


The wait was totally worth it to see the power ups again.

Happy New Year!


Ste Pickford

Cheers. I had a lot of fun digging out the old concept art and redrawing the costumes / power-ups.


The Plokision Bell

Funny/sad/strange story: I offered Plok's Volume 1 to my girlfriend for Christmas. The good thing is that my partner loved it! The bad thing is that the book was on a desk near to a bowl with dead fleas inside, because we have a cat full of fleas under treatment (yup this story is getting creepy, sorry about that). And our cat "knocked" the bowl on the book which is now very dirty. Fortunately, it is always readable. But now I know that fleas are truly Plok's nightmare, even in real life...

Happy new year and good luck for your projects!


Ste Pickford

Haha, amazing!


Ahhh, the sweet sound of plok ripping his costume off. My favorite was waiting at the flag in the right spot when he goes back to normal.


I love those power ups!

I remember when I was in the flea pit and I used the flying UFO power up, I laughed when I saw what Plok was wearing. It was so cute!

My first vehicle power up was the moterbike in the bonus level. I had problems getting through the bonus levels.

Isn't there Plokontinue to help Plok in this comic?


Yo, Ste! I must say that your animated avatar is significantly more whimsically impressive than John's, and so I see that you are clearly the one to be doing business with. I am catching up with you by way of becoming a Zee-3 historian real quick. I am *not* good at Magnetic Billiards, so I'm hoping to try my hand at learning Japanese for Pain Studio. I mean Paint Studio. Or, trying the NES and SNES games, which I would hope that you guys could somehow recreate or emulate on iOS!


What's that power he is using in the last panel? I don't remember that one from the game.


Ste Pickford

It was back to the boxing costume in the last panel, but I drew the body as a blur to give the impression he was going really fast (ie, I was too lazy to draw the head and body properly).


Oh I thought it was some new thing.


I love what you did with the panel outlines, Ste, I'm surprised nobody else has pointed them out yet. Happy New Year, Pickford Bros and Plok!


Oh I see a hidden 2015 now.



Are ya winnin', Plok?


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