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Vol: 3

Sun, 28 Dec 2014

#62 Yuletide

(Pretend you're reading this on 26th Dec, thanks.)

#62 Yuletide

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Main Series: Vol 3

#62 Yuletide

(Pretend you're reading this on 26th Dec, thanks.)

Sun, 28 Dec 2014

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Plocky Balboa is back Ladies and Gentleman!






It happens to be that my name is Adrian and I still have to hear/endure that Rocky joke all the time! It's funny you can't escape something like that in your adulthood.

It doesn't matter that you were a little late with this one because this time it took you only nine days to release a new comic. Last year we had to wait three months!

How come that the room always looks different when Plok loses a life? Are the "levels" in the comic randomly generated on each attempt?





Yeah! It's the very first power-up I got in the game when I first played it! Now it's the very first power-up we see in the webcomic!

Get ready for round 1! (boxing bell sound) Ding!


As soon as I saw that last comic panel I could instantly hear the Boxer power up music from the game in my head.



I've always loved Boxer Plok's punch-drunk expression.

I even laughed at this one -- the most out of all the strips so far -- despite not being American and thus unfamiliar with Boxing Day. It's on our calenders, though I never understood why (for the benefit of Canucks?).


Oops, I meant I AM American!

Also, I really thinks it's the timing in this strip that makes it work.



Happy Belated Christmas, Happy Belated Boxing Day, and Happy New Year! =)



I already saw this comic earlier on, but I was just thinking now that it was a missed opportunity to make some sort of Super Guide joke now that a lot of (at least Nintendo's) games toss an item or some other kind of thing your way to get you past a tough level after they've decided you've had enough torture.

If that was actually the punchline to one of the next comics coming up, I apologize in advance.


Ste Pickford

Nope, never thought of that. Will keep that idea in the bank for the future though. Cheers!



Oh yeah! NOW we're talkin'!


Happy New Year Pickford Bros. and everybody on here!

And Happy New Year to Plok, hope you get a sequel game that you always wanted soon!


Ste Pickford




I finally got it


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