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Vol: 3

Fri, 12 Dec 2014

#60 Revamp

Wubba commits a typographical sin.

#60 Revamp

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Main Series: Vol 3

#60 Revamp

Wubba commits a typographical sin.

Fri, 12 Dec 2014

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Who's Uncle Bob?

On a more serious note though, I liked Wubba's Stencil and Papyrus fonts. Even the random symbols one.



Comic Sans was invented by Microsoft for their 'Bob' project. I don't think they used it in the end though and the whole thing was a flop.


Ohhhhhh. I didn't know that.


Mr. Polygon

Comic Sans? LOL I felt the comic leading to this. That or that part in Superstar Saga where all of peach (actually birdo spoilers sorry :P) words was replaced with explosive text.


Hey Wubba, you should try cute looking fonts or a water effect type fonts.


Should have used Wingdings instead



I remember seeing Microsoft Bob at a by now long-defunct store called Lechmere in 1995, but I never looked at the back of the box or knew anybody who owned it. It was a very mysterious program. Although that was also the case with "I. M. Meen" which seems to be very popular on youtube these days.



All the speech bubble's fonts should be AmazGoDa



Don't you have to pay royalties to Microsoft if you sell ebooks which contain their fonts? You and we might be laughing at your jokes aimed at them but in the end they might be laughing their way to the bank.

As a kid I liked Comic Sans a lot and used it quite regularly. Today I'm pretty indifferent to it - maybe I liked it because it seemed so unusual for my untainted computer eyes back then to see fonts which weren't some variation of a serif or sans-serif font.


Mr. Polygon

#Bring BoB back 2015 LoL.


Mr. Polygon

Everyone knows that the best font is 12 point Times New Roman double space 1 inch margins. Uuuuh finals in a nutshell...



Hey now, comic sans isn't a bad font. It's just often misused since people like how it looks and don't think about the context for it. It's clean and whimsical, and perfect for kids.

Microsoft Bob on the other hand, was an insulting, hand-holding mess that I beleive eventually had its concept poured into a few brand name computers that were marketed towards kids. Not Bob itself, of course. Just the way it worked. I don't think those did particularly well either, but it's rare for someone to buy a computer exclusively for their kid.



It's okay, Wubba. You're actually one of my favorite characters.


Mr. Polygon


True, but The name is nowhere to be found in the comic. If that were to be the case, then wouldn't all fonts be illegal to use? Also, I'm sure Bill Gates, owner of a multimillion dollar company has better things to do than be concerned about a web comic. But again, they don't straight out say Comic Sans so they should be ok. They also did use the trademark symbol when referencing Bob. But I'm sure the Pickford Bros know what they can and cannot put in the comic. At least I hope so. :(


Mr. Polygon

Also it's not like they claim ownership of the font. So they should be ok.



Fonts are designed to be used. The license fee is paid when you buy the font (as part of the OS or whatever).



Comic sans isn't THAT bad.


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